Somtum House-Yokkrok’s som tum revolution

Somtum House-Yokkrok is a great restaurant for casual, inexpensive, fun lunch and dinners. Great value for money.

By | Fri 2 Jun 2023


Som tum is a national dish, found on most kitchen and restaurant tables around the country. We each have our favourite flavours and tastes for our perfect som tum, depending on how sour, sweet, salt, fishy, and spicy our palate is. Voted by Lonely Planet in 2022 as one of the top ten best food experiences to be had in the world, som tum is world renown

Somtum House-Yokkrok originated from Chonburi Province, but moved to Chiang Mai over twenty years ago, to open a dedicated som tum restaurant…but on steroids.

Pushing all boundaries of what is som tum, they have been experimenting using som tum flavours with new ingredients as well as using som tum ingredients but with new flavours. So you can enjoy an entire som tum made from the sweet flesh of fresh blue crabs, string beans with crackled pork belly som tum, the vitamin-infused seasonal fruits som tum which showcases the best of our tropical fruits or sweet corn and salted egg som tum…their menu is endless and only limited by their imagination. You can choose from a vast variety of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, all som tummed up in a wok and served freshly pounded and full of flavour.

Som tum is best enjoyed accompanied by sticky rice, grilled chicken, sun dried pork and a number of other ubiquitous dishes which are all on the menu.
However, as per Somtum House-Yokkrok style, they have extracted their creative juices to present clients with a wonderful menu of fun and tasty dishes, all of which go perfectly with the various house som tums.

You can of course order jasmine, fried and sticky rice, though why not try the grilled sticky rice balls – crunchy on the outside and sweet and sticky inside.

The classic sun dried beef dish is elevated with the use of imported beef, making for a very tasty and tender – if spicy – bite. They have all sorts of dishes from soups to curries, stir fry to salads, but why go if you don’t order a som tum. So if you love an ingredient, chances are you may be able to taste it som tum style.

A great restaurant for casual, inexpensive, fun lunch and dinners with colleagues, friends and family. Great value for money.

Somtum House-Yokkrok
Open daily 10.30am-8pm
Jing Jai Village Zone A (fronting the road right next to the main entrance)

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