Beyond som tam at Somtum House-Yokkrok

We all have our favourite flavours and heat levels and most of us even have a favouite som tam stall as our go-to vendor.

By | Thu 9 Dec 2021


You may not get too excited about the idea of Somtum House-Yokkrok…but you should. They sell a smorgasbord of creative som tums, yums but also offer a really large menu with creative, classic and intriguing dishes.

While the restaurant’s main offering is its Cholburi style som tum, each MSG-free dish pushes the boundaries of expectations, combining and creating new flavour profiles with interesting ingredients.

There are also fried, grilled, and boiled dishes of all sorts to accompany the classic dish.

Recently moved from Nimmanhaemin, Somtam House is now Citylife’s neighbour at Jing Jai Village and we can’t recommend it enough.

Here are a few teasers to get your appetite whet…

Tom yum tam – this is a tom yum flavoured som tam! Think about it.

Bacon and cucumber salad: The cool crisp of the cucumber cuts the rich flavours of bacon and when pounded in with the delicious flavours of a yum…well…yum.

Fresh prawn black pepper salad: Raw papaya, crunchy pulsing-fresh prawns and a seemingly nutty amount of black pepper. Try it.  

Mixed seafood salad: A generous ocean’s worth of seafood from scallops to squid, fish to prawns, tossed and mixed with the classic yum flavours.

We can’t even begin to tell you about our favourite dishes as there are so many, so just work your way through the menu…as we are doing. To date, our staff picks are turmeric fried crabs (substitution from curry), salt-fried chicken, fried sticky rice. The list goes on.

If you haven’t been, go!

Somtam House-Yokkrok
Open daily 10.30am-8pm
Jing Jai Village Zone A (fronting the road right next to the main entrance)
Tel. 094-629-1596, 094-629-5996