September Special at Cuisine de Garden

This September, foodies will get a chance to sit down and taste a variety of dishes with ingredients foraged by chef Nan of Cuisine de Garden

By | Thu 1 Sep 2022


Wild Table
New Nordic Cuisine
Cuisine de Garden continues to be leaders in pushing our culinary boundaries, with the launch of their upcoming New Nordic Cuisine.

Following the Nordic cuisine’s DNA of Purity, Simplicity and Freshness, Chef Nan was inspired to apply this style of cooking to Chiang Mai.

This means that it is all about the raw ingredients, something we have in abundance around here. His focus in creating this upcoming dining experience, has been in finding the best ingredients at the right time and using basic cooking techniques from grilling, to eating fresh, to picking to feature the food for optimum health benefits as well as flavour…and overall experience. All without harming the environment – yay!

This September, foodies will get a chance to sit down and taste a variety of dishes with ingredients foraged by the chef himself in the forests and jungles of Mae On, Doi Saket and Doi Tao districts of Chiang Mai as well as Li District of Lamphun.

Here are a few teasers to get your appetite fully whetted:

• SQUIDLightly poached squid, pickled mushroom, coconut milk

The squid is sliced paper thin and shocked briefly in hot water, while the more stubborn tentacles are poached to perfection. Simply sprinkled with salt with a splash of kaffir lime infused coconut sauce and served with picked mushrooms.

• DAY CATCHED FISHPickled day catched fish, green sabayon

The fish, arriving weekly, will be prepared differently each time, depending on what Chef Nan deems most suitable. Sometimes it will be raw, others picked. We tried the slightly charred snow fish coated in tarragon oil and served with kale sabayon, fresh cucumbers and pickled garlic. The overall effect was reminiscent of the classic escargot.

• RAZOR CLAMRazor calm, fermented tomato, holybasil crumble

Razor clams are cooked in while wine and tomato paste made from home-pickled and marinated tomatoes. The crumble is made from sour dough fried with butter and the holybasil, chopped in, adds a wonderful aroma to the dish.

• SOFT SHELL CRABSoft shell crab, soybean dressing, local greens

Soft shell crabs are fried to a lovely outer crisp, leaving the meat all juicy in home made coal oil which is mixed with fermented soybean dressing and white sesame, reminiscent of some of the classic Japanese sesame-focused sauces. The vegetables are all foraged and guaranteed fresh and delicious.

• SOURDOUGH Sourdough, rice field crab rillettes

• THE NEST Chicken fibre, onsen egg, crispy rice vermicelli


Steamed fish, mushroom en papillote, dry fish broth

Each week another jungle mushroom will be featured with dashi soup served with dried fish from Doi Tao District. Ginger is gently sliced and served with steamed fish, topped with a local leaf which offers a slightly tart flavour.


Grilled river prawn, brown butter mushroom

The river prawns are slathered with river prawn oil then gently grilled. Pickled mushrooms and powdered mushrooms are added for texture and flavour.


Slow roasted beef brisket, mushroom clay pot rice


Amasake ice cream, seasonal fruits, wild honey

Whether its peaches, persimmon, plums or whatever fruits are in season, they will be brought in to create a wonderful dessert to end a truly spectacular feast. The fruits will have a coconut milk topping infused with a special herb usually enjoyed by the Akha people and the honey is infused with oranges for extra zing!


Make sure you book a seat, only in September
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