New Nordic Cuisine at Cuisine de Garden

Chef Nan of Cuisine de Garden has crafted a truly unusual and sensational winter menu he has titled Nordic Elements

By | Fri 14 Oct 2022


With winter winds heading our way, award-winning Chef Nan of Cuisine de Garden has crafted a truly unusual and sensational winter menu he has titled Nordic Elements. Using Nordic cooking techniques from smoking to grilling, pickling to curing, Chef Nan scours Thailand for the freshest and best home-grown sturgeon for some Thai caviar, the tastiest free range ducks for tender yet firm bites and the forests for mushrooms and other edibles to be turned into tastes and feels familiar to those of us who have experienced Nordic cuisine – but with the freshest and best of local produce.

The fifteen course degustation menu is divided into five generous amuse bouches with four dishes which are served with sour dough, followed by three main courses and two desserts. It is just enough; not too much and definitely not too little.

Bouquet: Seasonal vegetables served with wine-infused and low intervention raw fish with create of sabayon made from green chili paste.

Smorrbred: Chef Nan’s interpretation of the famous Scandinavian sandwich served with pickled mackerel and avocado salad wrapped in a thinly sliced cucumber and topped with sun-dried fish eggs. Simply slather with sour cream and take a bite.

Edible Shell: Sweet and succulent clams from Ranong Province served in an edible shell.

Ebleskiver: Similar to the Japanese takoyaki, this buttermilk ball is filled with corn and topped with fresh prawn from Ranong Province, quick grilled, and topped with Sturgeon caviar cultivated in Hua Hin.

Beef Tart: Thinly sliced picked beetroots and garlic are served on a delightful mini tart made from crab juice with beef tartar.

Sourdough:  Freshly made natural sour dough is served with cream of crab butter and sesame.

Onion: Snapper soup wrapped in fried onion served in coriander oil and topped with an aromatic soup.

Abalone: Abalone fried with butter and served with corn bread and tomato sauce.

Risotto: Hill tribe risotto with butternut pumpkin topped with pumpkin seeds and cheese, served in a mini pumpkin.

River Prawn: Delicate and sweet river pawns topped with sea salt are served with edible flowers and a soup made from the shells of grilled prawn.

Cat Fish: Crispy grilled catfish with a dip of tomato gel oozing the scent of butter.

Beef Tongue: Grilled beef tongue and seasonal vegetables slathered in teriyaki sauce and served with tamarillo.

Duck: Free range ducks topped with duck jus topped with quince. 

Cassava: Buttermilk ice cream served with charcoal and topped with coconut shavings.

Petit Four: Two petit fours on a plate with decadent dark chocolates, truffles and all sports of other goodness.

The reservation for Nordic Elements can be made from October to December 2022
15 courses : 2,950++/ person
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