Korean Grill, Mountain Burger and All Things Rice

Just an eclectic cluster of cool little eateries we discovered this month. It is worth to try Korean Grill, Mountain Burger and All Things Rice.

By | Sat 1 Jul 2017

Just an eclectic cluster of cool little eateries we discovered this month.

The latest addition to the many Nimman area Korean barbeque restaurants is KOBQ, a legit Korean grill with beef, chicken and delicious pork served up on a circular infrared grill and prepared by the staff at your table. Most diners choose the 399 baht buffet with all you can eat chicken, pork belly and pork neck steaks grilled and cut into pieces served with a free kimchi soup, fresh kimchi sides, pickled vegetables, sauces and a side of green leaves to wrap all your saucy meaty goodness into a bit size pocket. The al-a-carte menu includes rich marbled beef that is perfectly caramalised on the grill, along with a range of soups and Korean style side dishes and a shabu soup. The buffet is only 299 if you go at lunch time too, making it amazing value for money. Right now their signage is minimal so to find it, head up the stairs to where OMG2 used to be (next to the circular shaped clothes store on the main Nimmanhaemin Road) and it’s the first lot on the left.

Open 11am – 12pm
202 N Parc, Nimmanhaemin Road
082 389 6699

Meena Rice Base Cuisine
Meena’s take on rice is unique and specific. With the restaurant itself surrounded by paddy fields and littered with rice barns, it makes sense that they are keeping it simple but sophisticated with their locally inspired menu. From a farming family comes some great cooking, with the owners dedicated to presenting local favourites in modern styles, while still holding onto their traditional flavours. Spring rolls, roasted spare ribs served with rice-berry and five colour steamed rice (coloured yellow from safflower, red from husked rice, black from rice berry, blue from butterfly pea and white from pure home-grown jasmine rice) are the restaurants absolute favourites. Healthy drinks include Thai herbal favourites with additional rice berry and much more!

Open 10am – 5pm
Ban Mon, Moo 2, Soi 11 San Klang, Sankamphaeng
Facebook: meena.rice.based
087 177 0523

Di Bosco Coffee
The latest gem on the Samoeng Loop is Di Bosco Coffee Specialist, an incongruently sophisticated café in Pong Yang with all the gadgets and tools a hipster barista would be proud to — and does — show off. This quirky but trendy little café serves up coffees from its own roasting factory with all the menu items you’d come to expect from a self-respecting specialist; espresso, doppio, ristretto, latte, cappuccino…For more refreshing drinks after the long drive, there are Italian sodas, teas and fruit juices and their pork burger is delicious. There are always a row of big bikes and ATVs parked in front and this little café has become a social hub of the many residents in the area as well as making for a perfect pit stop on a lovely day’s drive. If you happen to be in the Pong Yang area, make sure you stop by and chat to the friendly owners of Di Bosco and grab a bag of coffee beans or even an espresso machine to take home. Oh and make sure you order their delicious pork burgers…

Open 8am – 6pm
Pong Yang Nok, just past the village before the road turns up towards Pong Yang Nai
099 384 8686