Just sweet enough… Wann Por Dee!!

Wann Por Dee, a great place to enjoy some of the sweet treats in Chiang Mai with classic Thai desserts, iced treats and everything in between

By | Fri 26 Aug 2022


This cutely named dessert shop sells all the classic Thai desserts, but without the excessive saturation of saccharine one often finds in our Thai sweets. Whether it’s baked items, classic Portuguese-Thai court desserts, iced treats and everything in between, this is a great place to go to get to sample some of the best sweet treats in the kingdom without risk of a sugar coma! And their ice creams, made from all sorts of locally sourced products are both cheap and cheerful!

Wann Por Dee 2 (Chiang Mai Gate)
Open 11 am – 8pm (Close on Wednesday)
Tel : 061 904 6464

Wann Por Dee (San Pa Koi)
Open 6 pm – 10pm (Close on Wednesday)
Tel : 099 263 6654