Juicy steaks at great prices at Aquila Restaurant

Not only Italian dishes, Aquila restaurant is also a place where the juicy steaks are served at great prices

By | Mon 19 Sep 2022


Chef Phubase Chuprakong’s steaks at his Italian Aquila Restaurant near Promenada, are sure fire contestants for some of the best steaks to be had in the city.

“What I want is for people who love steaks, those who always have a favourite steak in mind, to think of us and come to us, because we will give them what they want,” said Chef Phubase, proudly.

“We have sirloin, ribeye, wagyu, tenderloin and our best seller is the steak platter which is a massive plate with three steaks; sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin. The platter is under a thousand baht, at 999 baht, and can easily feed four people as a shared main course. Not only do you get three pieces of imported beef, from Australia and New Zealand, each weighing 125 grams, you will also be able to order as many grilled vegetables, sauces and sides as you wish.” The sides, by the way, are about worth the short drive unto themselves, as they include sides favourites elevated with a few charming gimmicks such as truffle fries, baby potatoes fried with bacon, Gorgonzola mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. The sauces are equally exotic and enticing sounding, with peppercorn, red wine, cheese, chili and sambal and truffle cream sauces being just some of the options.

The Wagyu steak, again cooked to perfection, is 250 grams while the tomahawk is around 1.5 kgs and cost between 2,000-3,000 baht.

Apart from beef, they also offer up some other cuts of meats such as their super popular pork chop which is a bestseller and served on nearly every table every night. With lots of layers of flavouring and equal amounts of toppings, this is a must try. The rack of lamb from New Zealand is another recommended dish, served with Gorgonzola spring rolls with cream pesto and topped with red wine sauce and grilled vegetables.

At Aquila, it’s about quality, great prices, but importantly a chef who can seriously cook.

The wine list is not massive, but carefully curated and you should be able to find a good pairing of mainly old world, but also some new world wines, with any of your steaks, or indeed any other dishes, in the 1,000-1,800 baht price range.

Aquila Restaurant

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