Main Dish: Yakuta Shabu

Yakuta Shabu Japanese restaurant is an hugely popular destination for hot pot lovers with buffet prices start at an eminently reasonable 199 baht including drinks!

By | Fri 17 Aug 2018


Yakuta Shabu

A classical Japanese restaurant, complete with luminescent hanging lamps, Yakuta Shabu is another popular destination for hot pot lovers, especially since their buffet prices start at an eminently reasonable 199 baht including drinks…with no time limit. At this price, you have a choice of a bewildering 70 ingredients to put into your hot put and you can also order extra dishes at that price including sushi, gyoza, chicken teriyaki and desserts.

The most popular soup here is the Szechuan pepper hot pot which is as spicy as its name suggests.

“We opened a Szechuan grill first,” said Porsche, who along with partner Eye, are the proud owners of this restaurant, “serving one Szechuan hot pot which became more and more popular we turned it into a buffet. We have since travelled to both China and Japan to learn more about their cuisine and are constantly improving the quality of our food and service.”

The three soups on offer are the original flavour, tom yum and black soup. One specialty of Yakuta Shabu is in their interesting selection of noodles – egg noodles, Yunnanese noodles, konjac noodles and more.

“We even have some Yakuta outfits for our clients to wear if they really want to get into the ambient!” added Eye.


Yukata Shabu

161/92 Soi 4 Chang Phurak road, T.Si Phum (Google Map)

Open 5pm-11pm

Tel. 094 634 7177 and 088 269 5964

Facebook: Yukata Shabu