Main Dish: ShaZube

ShaZube is a classic Japanese shabu restaurant. You can order a la carte, or go for the buffet set at 590 baht per person. Give it a go!

By | Thu 16 Aug 2018



A restaurant serving classic Japanese shabu which comes with a premium grade sushi bar, Shazube offers its diners a choice of three lip-smackingly delicious soups:

Shabu Shabu: Clear soup made from the broth of dried katsuo and kombu, perfect for health lovers. Combined with the subtle flavours of the sesame sauce, this is a delicate broth with gentle flavours.

Suki Yaki: Also called black soup, this is a sweet broth with hints of dried katsuo, popular with beef lovers because it enhances the flavours of the beef, especially when first dipped into raw egg yolk.

Miso Nabe: With fermented bean paste as a backdrop, this soup comes with a dash of soy sauce which complements red meats to perfection. The restaurant’s other highlight is its sushi bar which offers an appetising selection of sushi and sashimis, with monthly promotions of special products, flown in fresh.

You can order a la carte, or go for the buffet set at 590 baht per person for the classic set, but if you wish to add some premium products, including seafood or cheese pork and beef, then it is 790 baht (this price includes ice cream and soft drinks, fruit juice or tea).

Receive a 100 baht gift voucher if you take a picture of the restaurant’s logo, check in and tag five friends.


427/3 Wichayanon Road, T. Chang Moi (Google map)

Open daily 11am-2pm and 5pm-10pm

Tel. 065 123 4711