Sunday brunch at Dhara Dhevi Hotel Chiang Mai

On the last Sunday of the month, the Dhara Dhevi rolls out the boat and puts on the most spectacular Sunday Brunch in Chiang Mai.

By | Wed 20 Feb 2019


Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai opens its doors once a month to one of the most splendid Sunday Brunches in the north of Thailand. On the last Sunday of the month, enter the exclusive resort and take a buggy up the spectacular driveway which offers sweeping views of the resort  and sit in an opulent dining room which is turned into a gastronomic wonderland as various food stations are set up to offer diners the most generous brunch buffet in town.

Fresh Catches

One of the first sights to greet you as you enter restaurant will be the array of glistening fresh oysters. The chef will be on standby to shuck these large juicy oysters waiting on ice, all flown in directly from France (fine de clair). Whether you prefer the classic vinaigrette or dare go the spicier Thai route, there will be sauces to accompany these delightful bites. Other fresh catches are also waiting on ice, be they large prawns, langoustine, mussels or whatever is freshest and bestest.

seafood on ice

Foie Gras and Pasta

Follow the sizzling sounds of the hot pan and select whatever sized piece of foie gras you wish the chef to cook to order. Just next door is the pasta station where you can select all manner of pasta – linguini, fusilli, spaghetti, penne and even risotto – to be cooked in many classical ways from carbonara to Bolognese. Or you can go daring and order some spicy Thai style pasta filled with chilies and spices.

foie gras
pasta station

Salads and Appetisers

Most people know to pace themselves when indulging in such an array of food. But when facing the long table filled with succulent shrimp cocktails, imported antipasti, smoked salmon and the cheese selection, it starts getting difficult! The salad bar is also interactive and fun and you can order all manner of salads from Greek to spicy Thai, or simply put together your own ingredients, mix and toss your own salad.

marinated salmon

grilled duck

Asian Flavours

Dhara Dhevi has long been renowned for its famous Chinese restaurant – Fujian. Brunchers can sample some of Fujian’s best dishes at the Chinese station where large dumplings and dim sums vie for space. But make sure you make room for the crispy pork skin and roasted duck with big fat chunks of meat ready to be dipped in the tasty sauces.

Just next door, and hard to miss, will be the sushi bar where our skilled chef will be showing off his rapid knife and rolling skills, serving up fresh sashimi, giant tuna, clams as well as an assortment of Japanese classics from tempuras to miso soups.

BBQ ‘n’ Grill

Roaring flames and sizzling heat will get your appetite whetted and lead you like a Pied Piper to this station for carnivores. Whether it’s a juicy rib, some premium beef, a rack of lamb, some fresh squid or lobster, chicken wings or pretty pink salmon, simply point to what you want and order it cooked to your exact tastes. In fact, vegetarians don’t need to walk past in jealousy, they also have some mushrooms and tofu you can have grilled up too.

Once ordered, take your time at the sides table and pick up a corn on the cob – dripping in butter – lavender-honey grilled root vegetables, a baked potato or other great accompaniments to your grilled meats.

Make sure you don’t miss the little corner of the table where you will find aromatic truffle soup served with little slithers of truffles and crispy croutons.


Desserts Galore

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you take things slow because you don’t want to miss the array of sweet treats to end the feast with. Dhara Dhevi’s macaroons are beloved here in Chiang Mai and you will be spoilt at the choices offered. There will also be blueberry cheesecakes, strawberry domes, dark chocolate mousse tart, banana and passion fruit mousse, vanilla éclair and so much more. If you want to have a bit of drama, order a crepe Suzette and see the flames go up as your classic French dessert is made to order.

As if you aren’t full just reading this…but we have to go on.

To make the feast complete you also need some liquids. So why not order a freshly juiced glass of orange juice to complement your crepe Suzette or some sparkling wine to help your oysters slide down your throat? There are many fresh fruit juices from which to choose as well as Earl Grey tea and some freshly brewed coffee.

And since you are there, why not just over do it all and really have fun! Order some champagne or fine wines from the hotel’s formidable wine list, whether by the glass or the bottle, or just go for the free-flow option and let the staff do all the choosing (and pouring) for you!

The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai
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Open 12 am – 3 pm
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