Exotic Cuisines

Three exotic Chiang Mai restaurants for those needing a break from somtam and noodles. Charming, different and just plain delicious.

By | Sat 1 Jul 2017

Some exotic restaurants for those of us needing a respite from somtam and noodles.

Babylonian Iraqi Restaurant
When you think of MAYA mall, it’s hard to imagine amongst the busy shops and trendy food joints there is a serene little Middle Eastern restaurant. And yet this place exists, and it also happens to serve unbeatable traditional Iraqi food in an authentic setting. As you sip on sweet Iraqi tea, you can enjoy silky smooth hummus and baba ghanoush with rather addictive garlic naan that is prepared in a tandoori clay oven. Or if you’d like a sweet twist on a classic rice dish, try the aromatic cinnamon and cardamom-flavoured basmati rice topped with tender barbecued lamb. For a lighter option, we recommend the perfectly cooked barbecue chicken and lamb served with a lemon salad, and make sure you order the tabbouleh coriander salad which is simply wonderful. Really good solid Middle Eastern fare at reasonable prices.

Open 11am – 9pm (Open 10am on weekends)
4th floor, MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Centre
Facebook: babylonianiraqi
093 768 7100

Monsoon Tea
High quality teas served hot, cold and in smoothies and other creative options combined with creative locally inspired dishes makes Monsoon Tea a unique destination for tea lovers as well as those of us who enjoy a hearty and interesting meal. Monsoon Tea is keen to promote their newest addition to their menu, the tea smoothie, and so are we…its lush! Although not technically a new place in town, their new drink deserves attention. From one blend to the next, they are all unique and different. Into a blender goes seasonal fruits combined with some of their perfectly brewed teas to create a smoothie unlike any other. No two glasses are the same, but are super healthy, delicious and perfect with any of the tea-inspired dishes on their menu. These aromatic smoothies are something not to be missed by any tea and fruit lover.

Open 10am – 8pm (closed Sundays)
328/3 Charoenrat Road, Chiang Moi
Facebook: monsoon teas
052 007 758

Bombay Hut
This small artisanal restaurant is perfect for a romantic date or an evening out with the more adventurous members of your friendship group. As you step inside this humble but charming garden restaurant and hop along the large round slab pathway towards a small shed, the aromas of curry and spice and all things nice fills your nostrils. The menu is always a surprise, with a different set served almost every day. Lunchtimes are usually Thai food, but dinner sets are almost always Indian. A three course dinner will set you back no more than 550 baht (280 for lunch) for which you will be taken on a culinary journey by the owner and chef. This novel restaurant is one to try out next time you are looking for something different but make sure to request Indian food when booking a table just to be sure that’s what you get. And make sure you do book as they only have four, very popular, tables.

Open Midday – Midnight
Along the Chiang Mai-Mae Rim Road
Facebook: BombayHutByChefChang
090 252 0563