Healthy banana flour pastries at Phungnoi Bakery

Thai gluay nam wa (cultivated banana) is considered by some to be a superfood – low on the glycemic Index.

By | Fri 23 Jul 2021


“We wanted to satisfy the growing health concerns of our customers and produce baked goods with no sugar or flour,” said Ratana Palapong, Secondary Managing Director of Phungnoi Bakery. “We therefore buy our banana flour from Hillkoff, as their bananas are known to be of high quality and responsibly grown, as well as meeting both of our criteria.”

Phungnoi Bakery now sells croissants, breads and brownies using banana flour which has zero sugar and no cholesterol.

“You can eat our delicious products, which don’t taste very far off the traditional flavour mark and know that you are not going to gain weight or have any negative health effects from it,” she continued.

To order some of these banana flour items please call 053 218 406 or visit Facebook: ผึ้งน้อยเบเกอรี่ Phungnoi Bakery