GREEN YOUR FOOD FESTIVAL,4th and 5th December 2022 at Ton Yon Market, Long Him Khao Community

GREEN YOUR FOOD FESTIVAL, Reclaiming green spaces on food tables, 4th and 5th December 2022, 10am-5pm at Long Him Khao Community

By | Fri 2 Dec 2022


The Green Your Food Festival aims to reclaim green spaces in kitchens and dining tables across Chiang Mai. The aim is to promote and facilitate the consumption of chemical-free organic produce for the betterment of public health across Chiang Mai.

With the specific aim to, ‘develop public health, from farmers to consumers, including the vulnerable during critical times in order to join forces to develop a sustainable and complete food chain to be supported by relevant organisations across Chiang Mai,’ the event is supported by the ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation working closely with the Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University along with a number of participating groups from both the public and private sectors with the aim of developing Chiang Mai into a city with safe and healthy food.

The project has been working throughout 2022 by conducting checks for chemical residue amongst farming produce as well as collecting vegetable samples from participating restaurants for testing. Those who pass the test will receive the Green Farm or Green Kitchen logos, while those who do not pass, will receive all the help from the organisers in sourcing clean produce, linking farmers who have received the Green Farm logo with restaurants looking to purchase low cost organic produce. Apart from giving farmers stable income, this will also allow them to plan their crops to meet demands of chefs and restauranteurs, reducing oversupply in the marketplace.

The project, in hopes of offering encouragement to businesses which are already selecting the healthiest produce for their consumers, will hold a ceremony to officially give 43 restaurants the Green Kitchen logo, after having passed this year’s tests. The Green Your Food Festival will be held at the same time, giving a stage to those working in the organic food industry so that they can share knowledge and ideas through seminars, talks and expanding networks, so that Ching Mai’s consumers will have more options and an ever expanding green space.

The festival will feature businesses and activists in the industry, focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness as well as health and food safety. Groups joining will include the Sriphat Medical Centre from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Medicine who will be offering blood tests to check for chemical residue; farming groups will be featuring their organic produce; Rimping Supermarket will present, for free, their organic foods; hotel groups will present their healthy cuisine such as Melia Hotel’s paella; native chicken farmers will be offering free tasting samples; Fresh Harvest Farm will be showcasing their beef sold at discount; Rabbit Friday.CHOUX and their organic and pesticide-free produce; Saskayom Online Market will open an offline shop; there will be a laab show by Laab Gangsters of Sansai; grilled sai-ua northern sausages; Happy Allergy desserts for gluten free, lactose intolerant and other specific diets; a fun Sensory Taste event featuring herbs and spices to learn about ingredients used by people living in the highlands; as well as food for change activities working alongside Green Schools presenting canteen food, ethnic food and many other participants.

There will also be a number of workshops such as Chef Black Panupon Boonsuwan from Blackitch Artisan Kitchen, who will be introducing a variety of Thai honey during a honey tasting activity. He will be working alongside veterinarian Dr. Chairoj Pocharoen who will be giving information about safety standards for honey. This will be followed by a kombucha workshop with Chef Nan Rinmeth Thaisuchart from Cuisine de Garden as well as pickling workshops, featuring pickling techniques from various cultures, from Sasithorn Khamrit a food safety expert.

Enjoy cooking shows and demonstrations by multiple famous restaurants in Chiang Mai, Cooking Show by Chef Gino Jitsak Limpakornkul from Season 3 of MasterChef Thailand, Chef Moss Thanarit Thasak from Ginger Farm Kitchen and Chef Billy Suksan Chutintharathip from Melia Hotel Chiang Mai.

Organisers hope that the activities across these two days will inspire and drive a cleaner and safer food industry in Chiang Mai, connecting and expanding networks, developing a green supply chain which will endure and strengthen, all for the benefit of public health and over all elevating the quality of life for Chiang Mai citizens.

4th December 2022, 10am-5pm at Long Him Khao Community

10am            Professor Dr. Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul explains the raison d’être of the festival and thanks all participants.

10:10am      Presenter introduces participating booths

10:30am      Sustainable Stand up#1 “How to Green our Food”

  • Thanit Chumsaeng President of Chiang Mai Restaurant and Entertainment Business Association, owner of a restaurant with multiple branches
  • Naruemon Chomdok, content provider and blogger Go2AskAnne, representing the media

10:50am        Cooking Show by Chef Gino Jitsak Limphakonkul from Season 3 of Master Chef Thailand, demonstrating ‘gyoza loves earth’ using leftover vegetables to reduce waste

11:30am        Sustainable Stand up#2 “GREENTOPIA a dream or possible reality’

  • Kingkorn Narintarakul Na Ayudhya, an independent activist presenting ‘Eat for World Change’ offering a unique perspective on current trends
  • Niwet Pirarak owner of Monkey Farm talking from the perspective of an organic farmer

12:30am       Break

1pm               Green Talk ‘Green Policy’ on how Food Literacy can lead to a Green Future…a price we all have to pay


  • Professor Chanuan Rattanawaraha, Director of the 5th Plan Administration and an expert on Thai health
  • Julanit Wangwiwat, President of Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce
  • Arus Nawarat, President of Thai Organic Consumers Association
  • Nakorn Limpakuptaworn, Director of Urban Agriculture Learning Center
  • Dr. Chairoj Phocharoen, Director of of Livestock Development
    Moderated by Khun Nattaya Waewweerakup, Thai PBS Television Station (Thai PBS)

2pm           New Generation Methods – Young Start Up uses modern technology self test for chemical residues by Teerasan Boonupara from Earth Care Innosys and Papuan Sornwai, a healthy food young influencer  who will talking from the youth perspective on concerns about the green food chain

2.30pm     Lanna Fusion Food Show from Ginger Farm by Chef Moss Thanarit Thasak

3.30pm     Seasoning Blind Tasting to taste fish sauce, sugar and vinegar from a ‘world-changing food truck’ Food culture workshop looking at pickling methods world wide by Sasithorn Khumrit, a food activist from Horjhama Studio

4pm          Meliá Chiang Mai paella food show by Chef Billy Suksan Chutintharathip

5th December 2022, 10am-5pm at Long Him Khao Community

10am         Opening ceremony and award ceremony for Chiang Mai Green Kitchen by Prof. Dr. Pongrak Sribunditmongkol, President of Chiang Mai University who will talk about the university’s role in driving this greenification of Chiang Mai’s foodscape

  • Prof Prapasri Boonwiset, Committee of the ThaiHealth Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ThaiHealth will talk about expanding the food circle sustainably so that consumers can be reassured of safe and clean food for a healthier lifestyle
  • Suladda Sarutilavan, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (Chiang Mai) will talk about agricultural tourism and organic cuisine
  • Prof. Dr. Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul will talk about the Green Kitchen project

10:40am        Sustainable Stand up#3  “How to Green Our Food”

  • Jon Jandai, Founder of Pun Pun Organic Farm
  • Chef Panupol Boonsuwan of Blackitch Artisan Kitchen

 11am            Green Talk ‘Green Policy – seminar on green table policy from niche to mass. How to propel Chiang Mai into a future healthy-organic city’  


  • Dr. Chantana Ungchusak, Chairman of  the Board of Healthy Food planning, ThaiHealth
  • Suladda Srutilawan, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Mai Office
  • Chakrin Wangviwat, President of the Federation of Thai Industries, Chiang Mai
  • Pairoj Passornpinyosakul, Managing Director of Tantraphan Supermarket (1994) Co., Ltd.
    Moderated by Khun Nattaya Waewweerakup, Thai PBS Television Station (Thai PBS)

12am            Break

1pm              Chiang Mai Green Kitchen awards ceremony by Prof Prapasri Boonwiset Committee of the ThaiHealth Fund and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ThaiHealth

1.30pm         Honey Tasting Workshop: Chef Panupol Boonsuwan will be introducing the complexities of the sweetness of honey

2.20pm         Kombucha Workshop by Chef Nan Rinmeth Thaisuchart from Cuisine de Garden

3pm               Oxygen Dining Room Food Show from Cross Chiang Mai Riverside featuring pan-seared Hokkaido scallops and local sweet corn soup veloute

4pm              A local community group will conduct a workshop on how to make plates from leaves

Sustainability Bites: Green Network Gathering
Meena Rice-based Cuisine

Sample the cuisine of award-winning Chef Black Panupong Boonsuwan, Chef Nan Rinmeth Thaisuchart and Chef Sasitorn Kamrit, three chefs who work closely with green farms currently under the Chiang Mai Organic project. In conjunction with Intangible Bar and Omakase, both of which use alcohol-free natural products, these participants are all very passionate about food knowledge.

Event: The event will be featuring non-alcoholic heavy cocktails which will be served with six dishes from alcohol-free mixologists
Aim: So that the media and the general public can come and exchange ideas and experiences while joining in activities which will help make Chiang Mai a safe food province


Location: Meena Rice Based Cuisine

Organiser: Naruemon Chomdok

3pm         Session opens with short talk on the project by Professor Dr. Puangrat Kajtvichyanukul, of ThaiHealth Promotion Fund

3.10pm   Short presentation of project

3.15pm    Professor Dr. Thanks participatns and takes photograph with media

3.30pm   Chef Ann Sasitorn Kamrit, Chef Black Panjupong Boonsuwan and Chef Nan Rinmeth Thaisuchart discuss connecting food to producers while Pakhi Phupradit from Intangible Bar who will be talking about virgin cocktails using local ingredients

3.40pm   Discussions followed by dining

4.30pm   Event ends