Caravan, Nimman’s sexy and sassy little bar

Caravan Bar is sexy, sophisticated and sassy. It is exquisitely designed, providing variety of spaces for different needs and experiences.

By | Wed 1 Jun 2022


Having laid dormant for part of the pandemic, one of Nimmanhaemin’s favourite night time destinations, like the rest of us, has itchy feet.

The need to travel, to explore, to meet, to mingle and to celebrate life is something we all share after the past few bleak years, and Caravan Bar, on soi 9 of the famous Chiang Mai road, aims to be the starting point.

This familiar bar, which has weathered the pandemic storm, is open for business and has lined up its shelves with a curated selection of some of the tastiest imported and locally crafted liqueurs, beers and wines to be found in the North of Thailand. To keep peripatetic travellers happy, Caravan Bar now also offers up a lovely menu provided by two famous and award winning neighbouring restaurants – modern International cuisine from Mix Restaurant and Bar and Italian cuisine from Why Not? So you can sit at the sexy butterfly-lined bar and order a chilled martini after work; gather with friends at a table and feast on pizzas, pastas, steaks, Thai classics or fusion creations; watch the world go by with a shared bottle of wine on the veranda; or just lounge back with a lover and a fine single malt on any of the plush velvet sofas.

Caravan Bar is sexy, sophisticated and sassy. It is exquisitely designed, with an air of intimacy, yet providing a variety of spaces for different needs and experiences. It attracts the after work expat crowd, young trendy Thai students, first-daters looking to connect, late night party people and just about everyone in between, making for a fun, creative and social space where you can go to meet people of all walks of life.

Caravan Bar’s post pandemic metamorphosis is that it is a community gathering spot. Similar to the ancient caravanserai, which dotted the Silk Road, offering shelter and succour to all the weary travellers who passed through.

There will be regular themed DJ events in the coming weeks, with some of the city’s top, as well as visiting, DJs putting on great nights. Cocktails will be shaking along with booties, and if you are looking for a great night out on the town, or want to venture out for the first time in a while, Caravan Bar is a pretty great destination. voted Caravan Bar as one of the top eight bars in Chiang Mai, and we couldn’t agree more

Caravan Bar

37 Nimmanhaemin Soi 9
Open daily: 5 pm. – midnight
Tel. 063 369 6562