Back to basics Thai cuisine at elegant Sayomporn Thai Restaurant

Sayomporn serves up simple dishes which many of us enjoy at home. There are no twists, just classical dishes served in a fine dining setting.

By | Fri 12 May 2023


Many Thai and international chefs in Chiang Mai have wowed and wooed foodies over the past many years with exotic, exciting and enticing new cuisines. New twists have been created to add dimensions to the familiar and chefs have been setting themselves apart for their innovation and creativity,

Sayomporn Thai Restaurant is proudly going against the grain and the trend, elegantly serving beloved home cooked Thai recipes in a sumptuous setting. By returning to the basics, Sayomporn serves up dishes which many of us have enjoyed at our tables at home with our families throughout our lives. There are no twists, no gimmicks, no surprises, just traditional and classical dishes, beautifully served, in a fine dining setting.

Set in Sireeampan Luxury Retreat Chiang Mai, this understated but stylish restaurant, is a perfect destination to take out of town guests or family and friends out to experience authentic central Thai cuisine.

Whet the appetite with the shrimp and red curry in golden cones, where juicy chunks of crab meat is slathered in tom yam sauce and served in a cone, which once popped into the mouth, bursts into creamy and spicy flavours.

The crispy chicken and ginger salad offers sweet and sour tones with fresh herbs for spice.

The Northern Thai pork rib curry with pickled garlic simply melts in the mouth and is a classic in flavour as they come.

The clear lotus root and pork cartilage soup is a lovely palate cleanser and a refreshing accompaniment to the richer-flavoured dishes.

Another dish which is highly recommended is the mountain leaves wok fried with egg and smoked dried baby prawns – simple, tasty, healthy and local.

End the meal with some grilled coconut pancakes served with aromatic sticky black rice or deep fried bananas with coconut ice cream.

You can’t go wrong at Sayomporn Thai Restaurant as the food is on point, the setting elegant and lovely, the service impeccable, the wine list impressive and the cost not at all outrageous.

Sireeampan Luxury Retreat Chiang Mai
88/8 Moo 1 T.Chanpuek, Muang Chiang Mai
Open daily: 11am. – 11pm.