Mae Pen Seafood

If you are looking for an outstanding seafod experience in Chiang Mai check out Mae Pen. Fresh, perfectly cooked and oh so tasty.

By | Wed 8 May 2019


After years of selling seafood in the market, and then expanding to delivery of seafood, ‘Mae Pen Seafood’ inally opened its doors. This Ping-side eatery is now famous for its prawn and crab dishes and we couldn’t wait to try.

Owners Li-Khanitha Somphet and Pop-Worakit Nopkhunchorn are known as the people in the know in our fair city when it comes to seafood sourcing, especially the giant river prawns and crabs with large claws which are the freshest and tastiest.

Li told us that the dish that is most famous is the barbecued river prawns which come in varying sizes of prawns, all being sweet in the head and firm in the body and served small, medium and very large, in sizes. This restaurant imports its prawns from India because the shrimp there is naturally fed by coconut husk and offers a sweet flavour, according to Pop. Pop then demonstrated to us how to shell the prawns expertly, butterflying them open to reveal the rich creaminess of the head. Soon they were sizzling on the charcoal grill until the fat was melted and the beautiful orange prawns ready to eat. Our first bite revealed a lovely texture that was sweet, bouncy and a little crispy.

And don’t worry about cholesterol, these are protein rich and healthy prawns containing many nutrients that are beneficial to the human body.

Next we drooled over  aromas of the ‘Crab White Thong Lang’, giant sea crabs steamed to a pretty orange colour, so large it made the plate it was served on look small. This crab has a thin shell but tight texture. When we tasted the crab it was soft, delicate and had the perfect saltiness that means it is super fresh.

In addition to barbecued prawns and steamed crabs, there is also a menu of boiled, fried, curried and many other hot dishes. Try the fried soft prawns with garlic, or the rare tom yum Ryo Zyo’s prawn.

Close your eyes and feel the flavours of the sea.

Mae Pen Seafood
38 Wang Sing Come Road T.Changmoi
open every day 4pm – 11pm
Tel.091 076 1632
Facebook: Maepenseafood – แม่เพ็ญซีฟู๊ด Delivery