Swiss higher diploma program in restaurant and F&B operations management

An opportunity to study and become qualified in restaurant and F&B operational management in Chiang Mai at CMU.

By | Fri 3 Aug 2018

The hospitality industry has always been a key part to any country’s development. Whether it is catering events, accommodating guests in hotels, operating businesses meetings, lunches or entertaining dignitaries, the best hotels in the country are often tasked with this service. As a result, the industry is always growing and the demand for highly trained, quality, personnel is high.

Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to training skills in hospitality, and now there is an opportunity to study and become qualified in Swiss level restaurant and F&B operational management right here in Chiang Mai.

In conjunction with Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Business Administration, F&B Service Training International is now offering a Swiss higher diploma to students who are looking for a chance to enter this industry. Unlike most courses out there, this course lasts just six weeks. Mr Christian Cargouet, the CEO of F&B Service Training International explains more.

“There is a gap in education when it comes to the restaurant industry,” he said. “Demand is high but for many people, three years is just too long and too expensive. In my opinion, it’s not necessary either.” F&B Service Training International has totally transformed what it means to become a trained F&B manager. With courses appearing across the world, Chiang Mai is the newest city that offers a chance to be fully qualified in just six weeks – making it the most affordable Swiss higher education in the region. “Students will sit exams every two weeks, and will complete the course holding one Swiss higher diploma and two Swiss certificates in food health and safety and communications, which are accredited and recognised worldwide.”

The course, which takes place at the Duangtawan Hotel in Chiang Mai, gives students access to a real working hotel, meaning that both theory and practical skills can be learnt simultaneously. “We put a five month course into six weeks, focusing on what is relevant and letting students learn in a real working environment,” added Cargouet.

The course almost guarantees the diploma, and offers special private classes and re-examinations to help those who may have fallen short on any one of the three exams. Once qualified, the course may be over but it is just the beginning for the students. “After they graduate, part of the course is to set up a long term paid internship in an English speaking country to help the students gain some real life experience while broadening their horizons and building contacts for future employment,” explained Cargouet. “The internships we help set up usually last around four to six months in countries like the USA or Australia, and even on cruise ships.”

With a Swiss higher diploma, those who apply go from student to professional in six weeks. After an internship, they are ready to grow in the industry, with many students becoming supervisors or restaurant managers in as little as two years. “There is a high demand worldwide for qualified F&B operational managers, and cities like Dubai and Cape Town taking hundreds of new employees a week,” Cargouet adds.

“We teach everything that people need to know to be a fully trained restaurant manager,” said Georges Butane, teacher and consultant for F&B Service Training International. “From bill management to meal sequences, banquets to silver service, we cover it all. In addition, we also focus on cultural differences across the world, and focus on both personal development and customer communication – a key role of any successful F&B operations manager.”

Classes are small, with no more than 30 students enrolled at any time. The course is open to anyone, with any nationality, but the course is taught in English so a fair understanding of English is required. There are currently three courses a year, with classes running from 9am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays. For more information, contact the Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration, Chiang Mai University or visit the F&B Service Training International website and enroll today!

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