Supha Bee Farm – A learning centre about honey bees

Honey bees play an important role in world ecology and produce one of nature's greatest culinary ingredients. Learn all about them at Suphee Bee Farm.

By | Sat 16 Oct 2010

This certified bee farm produces over 200 tonnes of honey per year from roughly 10,000 bee hives. Established by two former kindergarten teachers who studied bee farming in Taiwan, their love of teaching is still clear as they are now expanding their ventures by opening a learning centre about honey bees.

Despite their frightening appearance, bees are peaceful animals, with both tolerant and protective personalities. The bees at Suphee Bee Farm are of Italian descent, and their honey provides instant energy for those dealing with exhaustion. Honey is also great for constipation and with the healing of fresh wounds. With much experience under their belts, the owners of this bee farm are ready to share all the knowledge they have gathered over the last 30 years with anyone who is interested.

Supha Bee Farm
Open Daily 8am – 5pm
779 Moo.1 Muantoy Maesa Waterfall lane, Chiang Mai – Fang Road, Rimtai, Maerim
Tel. 053 297 329, 086 911 0407
Facebook: suphabeefarm2012