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No Gravity: The Best Indoor Climbing Gym in Chiang Mai

No Gravity is a fantastic indoor gym, with both bouldering and top rope climbing. In fact, it’s the only gym in Chiang Mai with indoor top rope routes.

There are a few different climbing gyms in the city, but nothing comes close to the size of No Gravity. This gym is quite spacious, offering a wide variation in routes. “We have from 5A to 7A on the top rope walls. On the bouldering wall the hardest route would be a V5,” explains Duen, an instructor at the gym. There’s also a technical route for the more experienced climbers. “We have the stalactite course in the front. It’s a small course, but a big course for beginners,” says Duen. There are a few angled walls in varying parts of the gym, with numerous routes to choose from. “We have some small overhangs, but nothing big,” says Duen. The climbing at No Gravity is aimed more towards beginner and intermediate climbers.

On an upper level is the bouldering wall, which overlooks the rest of the gym. Despite its small size, this wall provides a variety of routes and differing angles to try out, and is quite fun to mess around on.

Expect to pay around 300 baht for a day pass. Harnesses and shoes can be rented for 50 baht each. This is fairly reasonable, and only a little more than the other gyms in Chiang Mai. This gym also offers a belay service, which is quite nice if you’re going by yourself. Someone with no gear can expect to pay around 500 baht total for a day. This includes shoe rental, a day pass, a harness and the belay service. Also, if you don’t have chalk, No Gravity has chalk available for free.

With a nice variation in top rope routes, a bouldering wall, reasonable prices and free chalk, No Gravity is undoubtedly the best indoor climbing gym in Chiang Mai.

At 94 Atsadathon Rd, Chang Moi, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai
Open Mondays-Sundays 1-10 pm
Tel. 061 337 7214