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Alt House Gallery



Open the picket gate and walk past the courtyard into this small wooden house with a lush little garden for a Chiang Mai dining experience like no other.

An Italian-Thai couple who has been in the business of food and wine in Rome for decades has opened up their home for wine and food lovers who are looking for a warm, cosy, delicious and intimate dining and wining experience.

Drop by for great wines and cocktails, or book a couple of days in advance to join the one ‘Family Table’ in the kitchen, where your group of friends can wine and dine while Chef Marco produces freshly baked pizzas from his stone oven, a delicious homemade pasta el pesto with perfectly al dente linguini, an assortment of antipasti or a menu specially created for you.

It’s a place to celebrate food, drinks and the good life.

Alt House Gallery
Open Thursday – Sunday from 5pm – 10pm
Tel. 095 235 9037, 063 843 0824(TH)
FB: Alt House Gallery