From The Editor


Fair warning, this editorial will be infused with sentimental nostalgia and a fair sprinkling of self-trumpeting. But you know what? 25 years! We are going to shamelessly pat and slap ourselves on the back for that.

Like any good story, our founding editors’ first words in what was then called the Chiang Mai Newsletter were, “Once upon a time, there was a free sheet…” not the most original, nor the sexiest, of openings, but there you go.

Three Brits; then Honorary British Consul and my father John Shaw MBE, my old English teacher John Cadet and a retired helicopter pilot John Hobday, then went on to write, “Some asked the other day what sort of publication we were aiming at, and after a bit of thought we said we saw it as a cross between a parish newsletter and the New Yorker. That earned a derisive hoot of laughter. And understandably. ‘The poor guys can’t even get the thing out on time and they’re already suffering from media megalomania.’”

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Gekko Books

Forget those dim, dusty and smelly used book stores, and say hello to the renewed Gekko Books.


Dong Madame Cuisine and Bakery

This adorable vintage home cooking café is perfect for those looking to eat somewhere that feels homely.


Rhino Boxing Club

Fresh gloves, new ropes, a spotless ring and a team of instructors just waiting for those looking to get fit at the newly opened Rhino Boxing Club.


Chu Hotel

One local family, successful from selling noodles for many decades, has switched things up and now operates a Chinese-inspired boutique hotel in this historical area.


Seoul Mind

This modern Korean style café serves up more than coffees and treats.


Le Chalet

Three generations of women – grandmother, mother and daughter – have come together through love of food to open this charming restaurant bakery.