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Editorial: August 2016

August 1, 2016

As a member of the traditional (read: old) media, we at Citylife view new media with respect, awe, a smidgen of scorn, and more than a few hues of envy. The sheer reach of new media is a threat to our very existence.

From time to time I’ve thought about both giving up and giving in. Closing shop and painting landscapes in my home in the mountains sounds like a far less stressful life choice, and the seduction of being done with ink and moving the whole operation online, slashing overheads and expenses is appealing. But call me a purist (or an idiot), I still have great faith in the relevance of traditional media. I may sound like Candide’s Pangloss, but I genuinely believe that we are heading towards a comeback.

Hear me out.

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Tamora Pearl

If you think only the rich can own pearls, think again. Tamora is tearing up the expensive price tags and providing a range of pearls that are available to all, no matter how low your budget is.


Good Day Hostel

Newly opened above the well-known Japanese Tofu Milk shop at Chiang Mai Gate, is Good Day hostel with cheap dorm and private rooms perfect for those who want to be close to the action in the old city.


Flight 52

Welcome aboard Flight 52, the newest route from Chiang Mai to a full belly, open now.


Sub Zero

Nope, this is not something to do with the famous video game character, but Chiang Mai’s one and only ice skating rink located in our lovely air–conditioned Central Festival.



Think Chinese noodles with Lanna flavours, think green curry noodle soup, think cheese toppings…strange but surprisingly delicious.


Le Chalet

Three generations of women – grandmother, mother and daughter – have come together through love of food to open this charming restaurant bakery.