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Editorial: August 2015

August 1, 2015

Drought has never been a problem for me, for most of us. But it is becoming one, a significant one.

In fact, the World Economic Forum announced in January that the water crisis is the number one global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation). That’s some serious stuff.

Here in Thailand we have been brought up with the romanticised notion that our waters are always abundant with fish and our fields with rice. Unfortunately, just as the 13th century King Ramkhamhaeng stele on which this beloved statement is carved has been subject to controversy as to its authenticity, so is the validity of said aphorism in face of Thailand’s worst drought in two decades.

Reclaim our Cityscape and Join our Campaign

cover July 2015 no2

Chiang Mai Sign City

July 1, 2015

Our moat is looking pretty, lined with beautiful trees which explode into vibrant hues every summer. The city’s gardener is doing a fine job setting up and maintaining flower beds in little pockets every where. The old city is being polished and shined, thanks to the many new rules and regulations being enforced such as height restrictions, design controls as well as colour palette guidelines. Good things are being done and in many cases the public money is being used wisely.

But what is the point of planting beautiful trees, setting up flower beds, renovating architecture and cleaning up the city if all of it is overshadowed, literally, by billboards?

Everywhere you look now you are inundated with advertising. From back-lit signs peddling snail slime to whiten your skin to giant billboards boasting new cars to clog up our streets… and send us all further into debt. Where once we could drive around the Superhighway and admire the skyline of Doi Suthep, today we see one giant four story billboard after another hawking their wares.

It’s a mess.


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