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Editorial: June 2015

June 1, 2015

No one likes to be called a hypocrite, let alone admit to being one. And as horrid as it is to admit to, I am one. I wax lyrical on these pages about social responsibility and rules of law…ad nauseam. But I must admit that I’ve not always practiced what I preach.

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Boy Blues Bar

This open air, Thai style blues joint is a great place to enjoy live music and an easy-going atmosphere.

Bays Cafe 1

Bay’s Café

Bay's Café brews only the best locally grown, fair trade beans from Akha Ama.


Sushi Box

Sushi Box is a sleek and stylish choice where chicness comes surprisingly cheap.


Pilates Plus

Looking to get into shape? Pilates Plus Studio is the perfect place to spend the winter shaking some fat, so you can emerge svelte and sexy just in time for swimsuit season.

The Glasshouse Chiang Mai03

The Glasshouse

Situated in the centre of the Old City next to Wat Chiang Man, The Glasshouse is, quite literally, a glass house. It's sight to behold both inside and out.

bagel house

Bagel House Cafe

This Old City cafe, with its minimalist but cosy decor reminiscent of a Brooklyn loft, will fulfil all your freshly baked fantasies.