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Editorial: May 2016

May 1, 2016

One day thirty odd years ago my family’s old maid Pa Bud asked us to drive her to her village in Mae Taeng to visit her sister who was ill. On arrival we found that the sister was not only fully recovered but out working the paddy fields. With nothing left to do, we wandered around the charming but very poor Ping-side village, and eventually came to Pa Bud’s house, where she led us up steep wooden stairs into a dark room infused with the most rancid smell I’d ever encountered.

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Chu Hotel

One local family, successful from selling noodles for many decades, has switched things up and now operates a Chinese-inspired boutique hotel in this historical area.


Thamel Coffee

Nai99 has been open for years selling a kaleidoscope of imported materials, accessories and home décor, mainly from Nepal. However, a gem can be found up a small hidden stairway made of creaky timber in the back of the shop that leads to Thamel coffee.


Seoul Mind

This modern Korean style café serves up more than coffees and treats.

Siam Signature 1

Siam Signature

It didn’t begin as a place to get hot, spicy, freshly fried shrimps and seafood, but their endgame is something to be astounded by.

Jardin D'ete_44

Jardin d’été

Jardin d’été is quite special. Only recently opened in the grounds of Suan Pak near the airport, Jardin d’été is owned by a cute couple Jane and Don, who met each other while studying at Le Cordon Bleu London.

Co Co Corner_17

Coco Corner Coconut

At the newly opened Coco Corner Coconut shop, lovers of all things coconut will go crazy.