New Adventure Park opens in Hang Dong

New amusement park opens up in Hang Dong

By | Mon 4 Apr 2022

A small theme park has just opened up in Hang Dong, and while it is pretty basic compared to any of the world’s great theme parks, I had to check it out.

I started my adventure by riding a coaster kart. On the coaster kart, we can control its speed so we can go at any pace we like; I normally prefer to go slow to take in the picturesque views – in this case, of the cornfield surrounding the park. But as it was my first time, I changed my mind and decided to go fast as, well, why not? As soon as the engine started, I was startled at the speed it soon generated. However, the level of the speed was safe for children. And I had lots of fun riding the kart. There were several moments that gave me the feeling of falling from the ride. It was soul-stirring. I also liked it when the wind hit my face as it made me chill and enjoy the ride even more.

One ride costs 150 baht/person.

New amusement park opens up in Hang Dong

Then I went on to try a remote boat, though we also had control of our own boats. This was super fun as you can gently float, race one another or even bump each other! Personally, I found this game very soft, simple, and slow. It was quite not adventurous but very normal. It might suit those family who have very young kids in their house. A 15-minute drive costs 150 baht/person.

I then went on the Barbeque boat which was rather strange as it was a round boat with a BBQ grill in the middle – Thai style! Visitors can bring food and drinks to enjoy on the boat while sitting and watching the resort and restaurant of the park’s scenery. They can also choose whether they will drive the boat by themselves or ask a staff to drive for them. A 15-minute drive costs 150 baht/person.

I moved on to try driving a bumper boat. It was similar to bumper cars but it was just floating on the water. We can bump into each other or drive around the middle island for fun and chill. Some boat also provides a water gun. So, if you love water splash, go for it! A 15-minute drive costs 150 baht/person.

Let’s end this tour with the zip line. It was the last but not least! This activity was the most adventurous activity in the park. It was totally different from riding a coaster kart. The activity provides twenty stations for you to cross over. And I would say that all stations were so frightening as it was my first time on a zip line, and my fear of heights came roaring back and my screams as I began to fly echoed across the entire area! felt like I was thrown away for a moment. It was fearful at first, but I then could get used to it after 3-4 rides. I found this activity the most frightening but terrific one. Zip line with twenty stations cost 500 baht/person.

These are just a few of the many playthings provided in the Jungle Adventure Park. There are also other zones for all visitors to have fun, including a playground, giant swing, slider, back hoe, and quick jump. Every play costs 150 baht/person except for zip line which costs 500 baht/person. Plus, the park offers one day packages that costs 1,555 baht/pax. The pax includes all activities, including coaster kart, remote boat, slider, power kriane, timber grab, back hoe, giant swing, quick jump, BBQ boat, bumper boat, playground A, B (unlimited round/day except for zip line which only offers 20 stations or 1 round only). Moreover, there is also a cafe in the park where you can have palatable food, unique drinks, and toothsome sweets after an exhausting day in the park.

202 Moo. 9 Khun Khong, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai
Open daily: 8.30am – 6pm (Closed at 5.30pm on weekdays)
Tel. 092-865-9933 Website: