CityGuide: Mae Hia

I usually cook my own food at home, but Krua Ya, a Thai restaurant in Lake Land Village on Canal Road, is a perfect place for lunch.

By | Fri 31 Oct 2014

Why did you choose this neighbourhood? 

I have always loved visiting temples and driving along the Samoeng Road and I chose to live close to my favourite temple, Wat Ton Kwen, in Nong Kwai. It has beautiful architecture with a homespun Lanna style and is in a perfect location. Many hotels in Chiang Mai have copied its design to create new builds around the city. However, the temple is small, with only one abbot living in it. When someone in my family has a birthday, we always make merit here.

What do you like least about it?

I actually love going anywhere and everywhere, but usually I’m so busy with work that I just don’t have the time.

Who lives here?

I have lived in the Mae Hia sub-district, close to Padad sub-district, for eight years now. Back then it was so quiet, but now it has more people. Many people have moved into the area since it is near the airport and convenient for transportation. People living here are mostly from Chiang Mai but people from other provinces and a few foreigners live here too.

Best everyday restaurant:

I usually cook my own food at home, but Krua Ya, a Thai restaurant in Lake Land Village on Canal Road, is a perfect place for lunch.

Best special occasion restaurant:

I would say Mr. Chan & Miss Pauline’s since it is near my place and has good atmosphere as well as delicious food. This is probably my favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood!

Best cheap eat:

Because of its cheap and delicious food, I would say Lab Nong Prik, located at the Samoeng intersection. Try the spicy minced meat salad, it’s awesome. In the old days, this place even had karaoke machines!

Best drinks:

I have my daily coffee at Ruen A Rom, located in the same building as Sabudbob Studio where I work. They have tea, coffee, juice, soda and snacks that are really delicious yet the price is cheap! This coffee shop is owned by my partner’s elder sister. Like Sabudbob Studio, it has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Best daytime activity:

I love to hang around at the Mae Hia Agricultural Basin, where the old Faculty of Agro-Industry is located. Mae Hia Agricultural Basin is surrounded by mountains and trees and is like a park, with locals exercising and relaxing there every day. During the change of seasons, my brother and I go to watch migratory birds come and go. This is one of my family’s favourite things to do.

Best place to shop:

I mostly go shopping at the Mae Hia Market, Rimping or Big C.

Best attraction:

Natural attractions like forests and mountains are my favourite and can be found all over Mae Hia. I enjoy searching for places where I can host an event for work too.

Best tip:

I love to go to temples to make merit, but listening to sermons can be less exciting. I much prefer sitting quietly in a temple with the relaxing sound of the wind making my heart calm. Wat Ton Kwen is the perfect place for this.