Fly high over Chiang Mai for an exhilarating paramotor ride

Enjoy the best experience in your life time with an exhilarating paramotor ride

By | Wed 1 Dec 2021

I’d like to share an exciting recent experience of mine that I’d really love to invite you to try out, if just once in your life!

Last week I visited the tiny airfield of Mae Puka in Sankamphaeng, home base of FlyingBird, a paramotor flying school. Whether you want to gain an official pilot’s license or just want the thrill of flying high over the Chiang Mai valley, they will cater to all of your paramotor needs!

As long as you are not crippled by fear of flying, the school allows everyone to fly – with highly trained ex air force pilots, of course.

Naturally, as my first time flying a paramotor, I was terrified! But as frightened as I was, as we lifted off and began to ascend towards the clouds, all I felt was utter bliss.

Once the fear dissipated, I felt like I was simply chilling out on a flying chair, leaning back, taking it all in, as I soared the skies. I sat, feet dangling, at the front with nothing but air in front, above and below me. All I had to do was take photos and lots of videos, as the pilot did all the work!

It must be generational, but I didn’t immediately think of myself as a bird. Instead, I felt more like a drone, as I turned left, right and down to capture every moment of my special experience, just to share it all here with you. There was so much to see as we cruised high above paddy fields, waving at farmers below, flew over mountains covered by blankets of green trees and saw the ripples in the waters of a reservoir below. I was especially impressed by how lush and verdant our mountains were – like a gigantic bouquet of trees. I was literally ecstatic all the way from the moment of take off until long after I landed.

I must give a loud shoutout to all the staff and airmen. They were very kind, funny, and welcoming, assuaging my fears and making sure that I had the best experience.

If you are brave enough and really interested in gaining this kind of experience, don’t hesitate! Contact them to book your flight now! Tel. 091-852-3929 (Thai, English, Chinese 3,500 baht for a 20 minute flight

FlyingBird Paramotor Chiang Mai

Q4QP+7V, Mae Puka, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai

Open Daily: 6 am – 6 pm (Limited around 30 people per day)

Tel: 091-852-3929 (Especially for English/Chinese)