Cobras Rugby Take on the “Murph”

By | Wed 7 Jul 2021

The Cobras Rugby club continued their 2021 pre season training by joining their sponsor, CrossFit Chiang Mai, to celebrate the 4th July weekend and take part in the “Murph” challenge.

Cobras Rugby Clubs’ sponsor CrossFit Chiang Mai, is an affiliation of independent gyms affiliated within the CrossFit brotherhood. Each gym (or “box”) is independently run and operated. There is a lot of variation between gyms, but all of them share a commitment to functional fitness — constantly varied at high intensity — as a core approach to training. CrossFit is also an emphasis on health, based on fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition. As always, the goal is functional fitness — fitness for the real world.

Brad Jenkins from CrossFit Chiang Mai said ” We at CFCNX (CrossFit Chiang Mai) are so grateful to have been able to come together as a community and complete the annual MURPH workout. It a tough workout to complete as COVID limited many people from preparing the way they wanted, but everyone finished it, and supported one another”.

Cobras Social Secretary Ted Guggenhiem who was instrumental in organising the teams participation said ” With a young club like our own, it’s extremely important to focus on two areas as much as possible. First, giving ourselves opportunities to get together and build lasting connections amongst the group. Second, of course, is building our fitness levels, and CrossFit will never disappoint in that regard. Last weekend brought both of these things together for us, and we were just so happy that we could do the Murph at our sponsor’s box! “

The “Murph” Challenge has become an international phenomena that honours the sacrifice of LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL) who lost his life in Afghanistan. The “Murph” Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

Around the world on USA Independence weekend people take up the challenge and this year, as an alternative to regular rugby training, the Cobra’s “had a go”.

Ten of the Cobras turned out in their new playing kit with referee, Pattarapon Ekdamrong, joining the lads to take on the challenge.

The “Murph” Challenge consists of

  • 1 Mile Run
  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 200 Push Ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 Mile Run

The “Murph” can be done individually or in a team of three. The Cobras forward’s joined for a team, whilst the other brave fellows, decided to go individually. There was no time limit and it was purely a personal endeavour to get through to the finish. Towards the end it was a struggle for some, but everyone completed the challenge. It was a tough but enjoyable start to the day and made the refreshments at the club house, The Un Irish, all the more refreshing!

Club Chairman Dave McRitchie was elated saying ” I recently joined CrossFit Chiang Mai and we thought this might be a great opportunity to do something with our sponsor, build the team, and have a different kind of training session. The lads turned out and everyone did great. It was a real challenge and the lads smashed it. Great staff and fantastic facility, really pleased with the turnout from the team and their families and friends. “

Club Captain Kyle Edwards was avid when saying ” Special thanks to the trainers up at Chiang Mai CrossFit, it’s a world class facility they have up there and we all felt fortunate to partake as a team and get the heart rates up!” “The Cobras taking this opportunity to get into shape, with the hard conditioning and body weight exercises will help as the season progresses”.

Brad was enthusiastic in their support for the Cobras, “This year we are excited to sponsor the Cobras Rugby team and getting to do this workout with their crew. They brought great energy and a hard working attitude to this workout, and it is evident they have team unity and a great season ahead of them”. “We are excited to support the Cobras in their fitness development and anyone else in Chiang Mai who is looking to be a part of a community that pursues fitness”. “We will be having monthly workouts on the last Saturday of every month that the Cobras, CFCNX members and anyone is welcome to join free of charge”. “Also, every Sunday at 10am CFCNX offers a free trial class (message us on facebook in advance to reserve a spot) “”

CrossFit is an excellent facility and, apart from the gym area, has a climbing wall, scramble net and ropes in the garden and in the near future will be opening a Muay Thai gym on the grounds as well.

Cobras Rugby Club

CrossFit Chiang Mai