The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort – one day pass detox

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort, a luxurious health resort nestled in the foothills of the Suthep-Pui mountains shares its one-day detox programme.

By | Thu 1 Oct 2015

We all grumble about losing weight, feeling tired and fatigued; we talk about making changes, kick-starting our lives. But most of us don’t do anything about it. So when The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort invited Citylife to experience their famed detox programme, I jumped at the opportunity.

Formally known as The Spa Resort Chiang Mai, The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort is set at the foothills of the Suthep-Pui mountain range and is a comprehensive and luxurious health resort offering multiple programmes for various needs.

I wandering around the resort’s plush and lush grounds to our Lanna style room where I was handed a small handbook outlining what was in store for me, the ‘One Day Pass Detox’.

To make the most of the experience, I was asked to do a pre-cleanse the day before, where I avoided any fatty foods, high protein foods, breads, sugar and processed foods. The one day programme was designed for ‘Digestive System Cleansing and Immune System Improvement.’ I was told that I would not be eating anything for a full day, though would have a strict schedule of supplements supplied by the resort to keep my energy up, most of it involving fruit or vegetable juices. And then I was to experience my very first Colema. For those who don’t know, a Colema (or Colonic Irrigation) is a larger type of enema that uses around 15 – 18 litres of water for a deep and powerful cleanse of the colon. But more of that later.

After checking into my enormous room, with a large waterfall shower, more than enough cupboard space, Cable TV and complimentary dragon fruit on the side, I had little time before dinner was served. My last solid meal for over 24 hours. The popular raw food menu has dishes created by health expert and chef, Tu, who strives to re-create some of the most popular dishes with only raw and vegan food. I chose the resort’s signature award winning raw food lasagna – made from a series of blended macadamia nuts, mushrooms and tomatoes, which tasted remarkably like the real thing. Sublime. And so to bed.

7am – Veggie Juice

After a good sleep, I headed down to the restaurant for a glass of freshly juiced vegetables. I had the choice of around eight drinks to choose from. “One wheatgrass Pina Colada to kick start my day please.”Then headed off to the sala with spectacular views overlooking the hills and mountains of Mae Rim, to partake in a meditation session.

8:30am – Wheatgrass Shot

Feeling both spiritually refreshed and physically ready for the day ahead, I meandered back down for my healthy shooter of wheat grass.

10am – Detox Drink

After chilling, relaxing and enjoying the resort’s facilities, I headed off to the detox centre, kitted out with the latest in detox equipment and health food drinks. I went with the watermelon and detox mix drink that is full of proteins and a special type of flax.With nothing else to do, the luxe room’s aircon beckoned for a mid-morning nap.

11am – Coconut Water

A fresh cool coconut was the next drink. Though it was hard to resist scraping the delicious smooth flesh of the coconut, I stayed strong. The Pavana’s pure water swimming pool – smooth as silk – was my next destination.

12:30am – Mixed Fruit Juice

I chose apple juice for my sweet noon treat, and it hit the spot. By midday, I was feeling empty but not hungry, energetic but not weighed down by a heavy lunch.

1:30pm – Vegetable Juice

Another vegetable juice. This time I chose the Manhattan, a concoction of fresh vegetables and fruit juices to see me through. Feeling rejuvenated,I hopped onto one of the resort’s bicycles for a ride around the grounds, passing by villas, pools and even a private village community of houses, all made from the same soft red Lanna stone.

2:30 – A Visit to the Doctor

For every guest partaking in any of their detox or health programs, a visit to the doctor is a must. An energetic and enthusiastic fellow, the doctor is there to make sure that everyone is healthy enough to do the Colema. Following on a half hour discussion and demonstration, I was ready to check out this new treatment. I left excited for the new experience but apprehensive at the same time.

3pm – Spirulina Drink

A new one for me. Spirulina is a powdered dietary supplement made from blue-green fresh water algae. Sounds strange, but its benefits include providing all kinds of protein our body needs, preventing allergies, reinforcing the immune system, controlling blood pressure and preventing cholesterol. A true super food. Blended in with some fruit juice, it was just what I needed and a key part of the detox programme. At 4pm I enjoyed my last vegetable juice, preparing myself for the Colema.

4:30pm – Colema

The time had come for what Pavana sees as one of the most integral part of any detox programme, be it one day, three days, seven days or for the most hardcore of clients, the 21-day fasting detox! Pavana provide you with all you need to begin the process, including organic coffee and alkaline water solution – designed to excite the walls of your colon and help release trapped toxins.

6 – Abdominal Release Spa

After all purging was complete, a shower and a small rest, it was time to take a stroll in the sunset towards the tranquil and beautiful Bamboo Spa where a special type of massage – the Abdominal Release Massage – awaited me. Hot compresses were gently massaged into my stomach, freeing the tension built up by the colema. The masseurs are highly trained and their massage was the first I have ever experienced where they work with your body motions, waiting for you to exhale before pressing down on your body.

7:30pm – Spa Broth Soup

For the final ‘meal’ of this one day pass detox, a hot vegetable broth, specifically designed for post colema stomachs, is served. And surprisingly, despite the lack of solid food (and the recent colema), I remained full and satisfied. A flora grow tablet, designed to replace the good bacteria in your colon, is then provided and it is back to the room. I lay in bed, watching one of two dedicated channels with programmes dedicated to information and documentaries covering all sorts of detox and healthy lifestyle. After just one day, I already felt refreshed, purged of toxins and more than satisfied with my experiences. Pavana certainly offers a Slow Life type of getaway, with a really beneficial edge above your average resort.

Waking up radiant the next morning, I headed up for a yoga session in the sala “There is not a better place in the world to do yoga,” the instructor said, as we downward dogged to the views of settling morning mist.

Knowing what was in store, I legged it down to the restaurant for Tu’s fresh mango and papaya floating in goat’s milk and honey topping, my first solid meal, which went down a treat. What an experience!

The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort
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