Secondhand Bookshops in Chiang Mai

Three quality used bookshops in Chiang Mai that are definitely worth visiting. Huge selections and every taste catered for.

By | Tue 6 Aug 2019

If you’re an avid reader, don’t fret, because there is a plethora of fantastic bookshops all over Chiang Mai. Regardless of the genre you’re looking for, the local stores have got you covered. With everything from fantasy to nonfiction, varying bookshops offer quite an extensive range in literature. Each place is unique and different, some selling used paperbacks, others a broad selection of recent prints.

And if you are on a budget, then there is even better news. There are three used bookshops in Chiang Mai that are especially worth visiting. These bookstores are quite large, and offer a wide variation in literature.

Gekko Books

Gekko Books is a great local bookshop with a nice range in literature. They sell everything from fiction to history, and you’ll have no problem finding exactly what you need. This store sells mostly used books, but also some new books. The new books are slightly more expensive, while the used ones are reasonably priced. All the books sold here are in great condition, and isn’t worn or unreadable. The staff at Gekko Books are very helpful. They all speak English well, and are good at helping you to find what you are searching for. Gekko Books gives people the option of ordering books online, and they can be returned for up to 50% of the price they were bought for. This great bookstore has both a downstairs and upstairs area, selling 15,000 books in total, in English and other languages.

At 2/6 Chang Moi Kao Road

Open 10 am – 7 pm


Tel. 091 745 6971

Facebook: GekkoBooksChiangMai

The Lost Book Shop

The Lost Book Shop is quite large, with truly an immense selection in literature. This store offers an incredible range of written genres spanning multiple rooms and an upstairs area, with shelves stacked to the ceiling. The novels are organised by topic, with makes it easy to find exactly what you need. Upstairs is a large foreign language section with books in German, French and Swedish. The staff at The Lost Book Shop are knowledgeable, and are great to talk to for book recommendations. If you’re a voracious reader, it’ll likely be difficult for you to walk out of this bookstore without buying at least one book.

T. Phra Singh

Open 9 am – 8 pm


Tel. 053 206 656


Shaman Bookshop

Shaman Bookshop offers a huge array of used books with over 30,000 fiction and nonfiction books to choose from. What makes Shaman Bookshop stand out though is the rare and unique novels it carries, all hand-picked by the owner, and are hard to find elsewhere. Books can be returned to Shaman Bookshop for 50% of their original price. This bookshop also allows people to trade in their books, if they are in good condition. The owner is very helpful, with over 20 years of experience in the bookshop business. With shelves stacked to the brim and floors covered in paperbacks, Shaman Bookshop is a fantastic local bookstore, offering a massive selection in varying literature. Read Citylife’s feature story on Shaman’s eccentric owner here.

At Kotchasarn Road

Tel. 062 156 4591

Facebook: shamanbookshop