Ploen Ruedee Night Market – five years together

Chiang Mai’s iconic Night Bazaar has been the most popular tourist destination in the city for 50 years. Ploen Ruedee has added another level of taste and colour.

By | Sat 19 Jan 2019


Chiang Mai’s iconic Night Bazaar has, for the past half century, been The tourist destination for most visitors to our city. However, the nightly spot’s template has changed little over the decades…until recently.

For nearly five years now Ploen Ruedee Night Market set in the heart of the Night Bazaar has established itself as a destination drawing not just tourists, but locals to its many vendors and attractions. Ploen Ruedee is a bustling market which has brought the best of Chiang Mai’s food and beverage vendors together along with quality entertainment under one starry night sky.

As Ploen Ruedee heads towards its 5th anniversary, it has succeeded in being voted by TripAdvisor as one of the top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai, mainly for its success in creating a vibrant nightly market.


Trendy food trucks vie with cute pop-up stalls and classic vendors to sell a great variety of food from some of the city’s best restaurants and chefs. Wander from stall to stall and sample an authentic pad Thai or bite into a juicy burger; grab a grilled stick of meat or dig into a big bowl of curry, the choices are endless and varied. Tables, chairs, even hale bales dot the grounds so you can sit down with a group of friends and share a selection of Pleon Ruedee’s best, or simply grab a bite at a bar counter with a cold drink.


Each night visitors are greeted with traditional Lanna music and dance, as performers showcase the best of Lanna culture. But those looking for something more contemporary can also head to the main stage and dance the night away with some great local bands such as Gimmy, Tomorrow Never Late, Soul Time and Doggy.

Night Market For All

Ploen Ruedee is a safe market. This means that it meets all the convenience and hygiene standards expected from international visitors. The bathrooms are large, clean, plentiful and free with a cleaning person on standby at all times. The market also provides a children’s zone where children can play in safety. Being aware of current global concerns, Ploen Ruedee takes pride in being environmentally responsible. The past year the market has succeeded with its ‘No Foam’ campaign and is also celebrating its fourth year as a ‘No Plastic Bag’ market.

The family and casual vibe of the market is felt not just by its visitors, but also its many vendors, many of whom have been here from the beginning, together creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all.

Ploen Ruedee Night Market
Chang Klan Rd., A.Mueng
Open Mon – Sat (Closed Sundays)
เวลา 18.00 – 24.00 น.
โทร. 092 265 8741
Facebook: Ploen Rudee Night Market