The old Prince Royal flea markets has become three!

Earlier this year fans of the flea market were saddened to learn that the Prince Royal market had been closed. Fear not instead of one there are now three.

By | Fri 9 Sep 2016

We at Citylife have had more than a handful of emails of late asking us where the popular Prince Royal’s College Flea Market has disappeared to. This weekly flea market, held every Saturday for as long as I remember, was like a walk down nostalgia lane, with its stalls lining both sides of the shady streets selling all sorts of flea items such as clothes, shoes, books, jewellery, old CDs, old tapes, gramophones and much more.

Earlier this year fans of the flea market were saddened to learn that the road had been cleared, following local residents’ complaints of weekly traffic, and the popular market was no more.
You can all rest assured now, many of the stalls, may have scattered, but they are also coming back together again…ish.

Instead of one flea market, there are now three!

Overseas Chinese Service Centre Market

You will find many familiar stall owners selling old cameras, mobile phone, shoes, jeans, vintage clothes, drawings, wooden furniture, amulets, Buddha statues, antique bicycles, toys, wooden wares, old books and more. This flea market is open on both Saturdays and Sundays from 8am until evening, though be warned, it doesn’t enjoy the shady ambiance of the PRC market, so bring a hat to ward off the rays. There are many activities planned for October, so we will keep you posted when we hear more.

Overseas Chinese Service Centre Market
Familiar faces at Overseas Chinese Service Centre

A delicious ramen restaurant at the front of the market sells great noodles and there are plenty of local vendors and coffee shops as well as cold drinks stalls around.

Hakka Chiang Mai Association, on Chang Klan Road, just before RatiLanna Hotel, with easy parking on each side of the road. (map)

Overseas Chinese Service Centre cute coffee corner


Don’t forget your hat!

Kad Nong Haw Market

Some vendors have chosen this location near the police station, also open on weekends, there are fewer vendors, as well as antiques, here. You will find odds and ends such as fans, spare parts, silver jewellery, amulets, handmade products and clothes here. Not a great market, but if you want to visit a new market each weekend, then it’s worth adding this to the list.

The road that cuts between Chotana and Irrigation Canal Roads, just past the Chang Phuak Police Station (map)

Thinner crowd at Chang Phuak Police Station flea market
Bunch of tools at Chang Phauk Police Station Market
Chang Phuak Police Station Market vendor

Nakhon Ping Hospital Market

This market is set by the sides of the road and there is a wealth of second hand Japanese clothing for sale (so, not really expat sizes!), also CDs, tapes, camping gear, books, cheap tools and amulets.
In the mornings, it’s usually full of people it is next to a hospital and many visitors come to buy food. There are still some cool finds, but to be honest there are few and far in between.

Nakhon Ping Hospital Market’s pretty pink castle entrance
Not quite up to the Prince Royal’s days…

Rajanagarindra Institute of Child Development, Department of Mental Health Ministry of Public Health closed to Nakhon Ping Hospital, Chotana Road, there is 7-Eleven store at front. (map)

All markets are open Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5pm (though the Chinese Service market may be open later in the winter months…)