Kad Mua Market: village life in Chiang Mai

The Ancient House Chiang Mai organised the Kad Mua Market event to provide an in depth glimpse into village life in Northern Thailand.

By | Fri 10 May 2019

Northern Thailand is home to a uniquely rich and diverse history, rooted in the lifestyles of various village communities. With Chiang Mai at the centre of this diversity comes the question of how to best preserve such cultural traditions. Yet with events like the Kad Mua Market aiming to generate continual awareness of these communities, it seems preservation efforts are plentiful within the region.

Organised by The Ancient House Chiangmai, located next to the riverfront, planner Pensuda Kongsuk says the four-day market offers a more in depth glimpse into the life of Northern Thai people.

“This ‘Kad Mua’ activity is a simulation of the villager’s lifestyles. It includes a type of market known as ‘Kad Mua’ as well as showcasing the small and large communities,” Kongsuk explains.

Described as a sort of cultural enclave, The Ancient House Chiangmai regularly highlights these traditions by way of arts, crafts, music and so on. Thus the Kad Mua Market is just one of the several ways in which the Ancient House continues to produce cultural awareness about Northern Thai villagers throughout the year.

“For example rare agricultural products from northern region are sold by villagers and because of this we hope to achieve an increase of interest in this area. By experiencing firsthand the lifestyles of the villagers we hope the people and visitors will get a taste of what it’s like to experience the market ‘Kad Mua’ style,” she explained.

Alongside crafts and music, visitors at the festival can also sample an array of speciality food.

“We want the visitors to taste authentic northern Thai food while exploring The Ancient House Chiang Mai,” said Kongsuk.

The Kad Mua Market will be held every night from the 6th to 10th of May beside River Market on Charoen Prathet Road. If unable to visit, the Ancient House Chiangmai greets visitors any day of the week between 9.30am – 10pm.