D’Cup Ice cream, innovatingingly delicious

And now for something completely different - D'Cup are producing innovative local ice cream flavours. Green curry, burgers,khao soy ice cream anyone?

By | Wed 13 Sep 2017

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The new journey of ice cream by D’Cup Ice cream 

This is ice cream like you’ve never had it before. Chomp down a burger made only of ice cream and brownies – seriously, they look just like the real thing, but taste like sweet cold ice cream joy! But since you are being adventurous, why not go the whole hog and dig into the Thai cuisine ice creams – made with the real flavours of Thailand. Surprise your taste buds and order up a bowl of khao soi ice cream, complete with crispy noodles and savoury chicken leg biscuits. You can also get a tom yum soup ice cream, a salty and sweet somtam ice cream and even a creamy green curry ice cream…if you dare. If savoury Thai ice creams are too much for you, the steak ice cream is actually highly recommended as it is actually a rich chocolate served with a strawberry sauce and the burger is made from delicious brownies. D’Cup ice cream is filled with creativity their incredibly creative ice creams are use only carefully selected ingredients impeccably presented, for only 30 baht per scoop.

D’Cup Ice cream
The Chiang Mai Complex, Huaykaew Road, T. Chang Phueak
Open 11am – 11pm
Tel. 090 323 4164, 081 191 6456
Facebook: dcupicecream