Enticing shopping experience at Raya Heritage’s Him Gong

By | Fri 11 Nov 2022

Enticing shopping experience at Raya Heritage’s Him Gong

As Christmas is just around the corner, this is one of our favourite places to go shopping for the holidays

You know those moody days by the sea when everything you look at just becomes a rich shade of pure nature? The frothing off-white foam of angry waves, the million earthy hues of a million grains of sand, the dark angry black clouds with shimmers of silver and shades of grey. The vivid cerulean, rich midnight, pastel iceberg, mysterious Persian or classic navy blues that twirl and swirl. All together creating a palate any master would relish painting.

Well, walking into Him Gong shop at Raya Heritage hotel and you will be brushed with the same palate the moment you enter the exquisitely curated little shop – where even the air is thoughtfully scented. Everywhere you look, these natural colours are popping, whether from an exquisite hand woven rattan bag, a stunning piece of ikat silk textile, a bright and fun collection of ceramic vases or an assortment of cushions with textures as rich as their colours.

There is one clear vision behind both the multiple-award winning hotel and its charming shop Him Gong, and that is Vichada Sitakalin’s, the Director of Design. Drawing inspiration from the gentle pace of life along the Ping River, on whose banks the resort sits, Vichana’s collection reflects the life of centuries of peoples who have lived along the banks of the Ping River. Fishermen, weavers, artisans, craftspeople, artists and potters drew inspiration from nature over the years, as does Vichada.

The shop is a joy, and now that Christmas is just around the corner, the perfect place to go to get wonderful gifts for the holidays. There are scented candles glowing from cured bamboo nodes, beads made into necks laces from some far-flung Pacific island, adorable silver jewellery from earrings to bracelets inspired by ethnic designs, delicate silk scarves handwoven by a collective of local women, funky and playful clay pottery designed by InClay, sophisticated Chinese-inspired and French designed ceramic stools and vases, refined textiles from the inimitable Kachama Perez whose works can be found in museums from Lyon to Taipei, as well as numerous items lovingly sourced from local craftspeople, many of whom have been perfecting their skills through generations.

It will be hard to walk out of the shop empty handed. While there are some high end items such as the odd antique from India or a painstakingly crafted natural-fabric house robe, there are plenty of fun and inexpensive trinkets to purchase as well. You can get a pair of hemp bedroom slippers, a fluffy cotton cushion, a silver candlestick, a bougie handbag, a bamboo coaster, a set of wooden serving spoons, a ceramics stool and anything in between and beyond. It is just pure fun shopping here.

“We have brought in many new products recently and rearranged the shop for an optimum shopping experience,” said Raya Heritage General Manager Napat Nutsati. “We have been working with local craftspeople since the beginning, as they were integral to the design of our hotel. It is a pleasure to continue to work with them and feature so many of their great products.”

So there you go! Next shopping destination: Him Gong.

Him Gong Curated Craft at Raya Heritage
157 Moo 6, Tambol Donkaew, Amphoe Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Open daily, 08:00-18:00 hrs.
Tel: (66-53) 111 670 – 73
Email: boutique@rayaheritage.com
Website: www.rayaheritage.com