Raks Mae Ping is Back!

By | Thu 23 Feb 2023
A Chiang Mai community movement focused on the environment, Raks Mae Ping, is back after a few years of almost non-activity.Now that we are deep into the “Burning Season”, which quite rightly scares off tourists from Chiang Mai, Raks Mae Ping had produced an easy-to-understand graphic to create awareness to reduce and abstain from burning. The aim is to reach the people in the remote areas and those who cause smoke and fumes in daily life.According to Sakda Darawan, the Group Director, “We do not expect the message to make a turnaround, but we are confident that the message can create an impact to a certain extent.”“We have printed over 7,000 copies of the A4-size banners and stickers to be posted at the local administration offices and schools around Chiang Mai and via social media channels. In addition, the distribution will be carried out by 17 Fire Fighting Stations around Chiang Mai to reach all villages under their care.”The message in the material can be translated into English: SMOKE kills your parents, your wife, your kids, and yourself! So, reduce or stop creating SMOKE for your own sake and your loved ones.Ref.: https://www.facebook.com/1578907252124956/posts/pfbid05kKAx4PGWkF7aywqCTse4ZhoMUuZC8kdyQF8t7hgokX2pGx2uH6PRGWb4Ku3iMoXl/?mibextid=Nif5oz