Drink Me: The Story of Single Malt By The Diplomat Single Malt Club

The newly opened Diplomat Single Malt Club offers the broadest range of malt whiskies in the city. Their sample 'flights' appeal to connoisseurs and novices alike.

By | Mon 18 Jun 2018


The Story of Single Malt
By The Diplomat Single Malt Club

Lovers of single malt no longer have to fly to Bangkok, or better yet Scotland, for a wee dram, as our city’s first single malt bar has recently opened offering a range of over 170 spectacular malts to explore.

Malt novices can sample a selection of ‘flights’ which offer a sampling of a variety of malts from different regions of Scotland, Ireland and even Japan.

For connoisseurs of the ‘water of life’, rare and unique bottles, covering a great range of ages, regions and countries are available for the first time in Chiang Mai. The friendly owners of The Diplomat Single Malts Club have a great passion for the amber nectar and take great pleasure in curating and introducing you to the fabulous world of single malt. There is a selection of tasty tapas snacks to go with your chosen drink and should you go with friends who prefer other beverages, there is also a cocktails and spirits from which to choose.

Sit back, sip the golden liquid and enjoy the complexities and sophistication of single malt whisky.

Whether your palette appreciates the citrusy hints of an island malt, or the deep peaty layers of Islay, or you are simply hoping to explore a whole new world, head over to The Diplomat Single Malt Club for a very special experience.

For those who love Single Malt, Diagio Moet Hennessy (Thailand) is organizing a new experience “Single malt Masterclass“, an intensive workshop for tasting aroma and flavours from different regions of Scotland. The workshop will be divided into 12 classes all around the year.

In each class, the participants will learn the history of single malt from different brand such as The Singleton, Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Glenkinchie, Cragganmore, Lagavulin, and Oban

The curriculum is categorized into 4 topics: first, the participants learn the background of Single Malt liquor, then, the experience sharing from brand ambassador. Next, they learn how to perceive aroma and taste flavours of Single Malt. Finally, they learn how to match with the meals so that they can indulge themselves with unique Single Malt from Scotland.

The Diplomat Single Malt Club
The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Centre
185/3 Wualai Road, T. Haiya
Open 6pm – midnight (Closed every Sunday, please dress politely)
Facebook: thediplomatchiangmai