Boy Blues Bar – smooth music and cold drinks

Boy Blues Bar is an institution in Chiang Mai for musicians. Located in the Night Bazaar they have live music nightly and run popular jam sessions.

By | Thu 20 Jun 2019

A singer croons over the mic, singing soulfully. His fingers move nimbly across a shiny electric guitar. Bass notes bump smoothly in the background. The bassist nods his head to the music, glancing over at the drummer. The squealing lead guitar rises above the blend of sounds. It quickly builds to a crescendo, then wanes back down again. The drummer rhythmically taps the cymbal. His sticks suddenly skitter across the drum set with lighting speed. He then returns back to the cymbal, softly tapping in perfect rhythm. The wooden backboard behind the band is brightly lit up. A few abstract-looking paintings are bathed in purple light. Numerous older photos hang close together, many of old blues musicians. A man silently sips his beer, closely observing the musicians. People begin to amble in. They sit down excitedly, chatting amongst themselves. It’s a typical Tuesday night at Boy Blues Bar.

The venue itself is fun and unique. The bar is on an open deck, overlooking parts of the night market. Varying seats and tables surround the center stage. On the sides, next to the deck railings, are comfortable leather seats. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the music. In the back is a small bar area, with an abundance of beers and liquors. Boy Blues Bar is outdoors, which is part of what makes it so enjoyable. The artsy stage backboard and moody lighting really add a lot to the venue.

The music is truly soulful, and the players are very technically skilled. The bands masterfully play a range of blues cover songs. Blues, of course, tends to be what is mostly played at the bar. But occasionally a rock band comes through. “A lot of blues bands play here. There is a rock band on some nights that is very talented,” explains Don, a local Chiang Mai resident. On Mondays the bar has a jam night. This is easily the most fun night of all. “During jam night anybody can come up and play,” says Don. Boy, the owner of the bar, often plays with his band. Multiple nights a week he and his band take the stage.

Boy Blues Bar boasts both great live music and a memorable outdoor location. It’s a perfect spot to grab a cold drink, sit back, and slowly absorb the smooth bluesy rhythms.

At the Night Bazaar 19/1 Soi 6  Chang Klan Road
Open 8pm – midnight (closed Sundays)
Tel. 089 192 8527
Facebook: Boy Blues Bar