The magic of music at Terra Arts & Nature Music Series

Music lovers will have a series of wonderful food and musical events to enjoy

By | Tue 26 Oct 2021

We all seek joy where we can, especially in these gloomy days. Here in Chiang Mai we’re lucky to be surrounded by nature, making it relatively easy to escape the city and all of her complex and pressing issues and let nature do what she is so good at – soothe the soul.

But joy comes in so many forms and for those of us who have long appreciated and indulged in the cultural and creative vibrancy of Chiang Mai’s recent-past, this pandemic, and the still-life we have been forced to live, can be depressing – even devastating.

And that is why we all must strive for joy.

There is good news, however, for those who love music. Because, for the second year in a row now, Terra in Mae Rim is presenting a series of world class musical and gastronomic events. Last year, over the course of a few winter months, music and food lovers were wooed as we swooned over exquisite musical events the likes of which Chiang Mai has rarely seen. Thailand’s leading classical musicians and opera singers flew up to Chiang Mai every few weeks to put on shows that were spellbinding and truly memorable.

This year, it has already begun. And if you have missed out on the recent events, breathe easy, there are so many more to come.

Terra Arts & Nature Music Series (II) is a musical and gastronomic event held annually during the cool season at Terra restaurant in Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim. The event is a series of monthly operatic concerts, with classical and crossovers genres, featuring Thailand’s top musicians. Sit under grape vines and towering canopies and gaze up at the stars in Terra’s charming garden, dotted with blooming beds of roses. Sip a glass of champagne or one of the delicious cocktails, dine on exquisite cuisine with organic produce recently plucked from Terra’s own mountain farm just up the road and indulge in the very special service and hospitality that is Terra. The concerts cover a gamut of classical songs as well as some musical crowd-pleasers, including popular classic Thai, Chinese or even Broadway songs. The production is seamless, with impeccable sounds, and interactive performances by some of Thailand’s best established as well as rising stars. Make a night of it and stay on for some lip-smacking cocktails at Terra’s classic 19th century bar which has made its way from England to New Orleans, onto Australia and finally arriving herein Chiang Mai nearly two centuries later.

Apart from the multiple outdoor concerts which will be held in Terra’s garden, there will also be a special series of classical musical events for true hard core classical music lovers with these events being held in The Villa, a private manor house adjacent to the restaurant. For no more than two dozen guests, this exclusive and comfortable setting will have you swept away by the music in an intimate salon setting.

The pièce de résistance, however, will be two special shows held on Terra’s exclusive, mountain-top venue with 360 degree views of undulating mountains fading into the distance. Commanding an entire promontory, Terra’s mountain location affords one of the most breathtaking vistas in Chiang Mai. Here, two private and exclusive events will be held for guests to indulge in fresh and delicious food, free-flowing wines and a picnic ambiance while bathing in the dramatic sunsets and enveloping twilights. Once the music begins, sit back under the stars for a once in a lifetime magical experience.

The series has, quite rightly, gained a reputation as being one of the town’s truly special events with world-class production. The creator intends to grow the event further, with plans to include international stars to join in in the future.

The event is organised by Arts & Nature Circle, Faraway Elsewhere Co Ltd, and Terra Restaurant, together with Thailand’s Soloist Chamber.

Upcoming events:

  • 5-6 November: Autumn
  • 3-4 December: Winter
  • 24-25 December: Christmas
  • 31 December: NY Eve
  • 1 January: NY Day
  • 4-5 February: Chinese New Year
  • 14th February: Valentine’s