Support the effort at the Stop the Smoke dinner

Chiang Mai comes together to support Warm Heart Foundation’s Stop the Smoke agroforestry programme.

By | Thu 18 Mar 2021

Yes, there are multiple sources of our current air noir. Yes, there are many solutions. Yes, there are many people working on many fronts. And no, we can’t support them all.

However, Citylife has, for many years, been staunch supporters of Warm Heart Foundation’s efforts to reduce smoke from burnt corn waste by using bio char. Their efforts are, and will, have significant impact and we encourage you to read about it and learn more here.

“The Warm Heart biochar programme is proving to be an effective tool in fighting Thailand’s smoke problem. The more biochar farmers make, the less crop waste is burned in the fields, and the less our skies are darkened with PM2.5 haze,” states this web page. “If we want to solve this problem in the long-term, however, we need to do more than just deal with the staggering amounts of crop waste created every year.

What do we need to do?

We need to stop this waste from being created in the first place.

Our Agroforestry Programme helps farmers move to more environmentally-friendly, safer, and more profitable methods of farming that don’t generate crop waste.”

If you can, we plead with you to take the time, put in some money, and spend the evening with the many of us who wish to do our little bit to help solve this perennial problem.

1st April 2020

6:30pm – 10:30pm Shangri-La Ballroom

Dinner and Concert with Northern Thailand Youth Orchestra

Fundraising for Agroforestry project.

Silent Auction and no-host bar

Table for 8 – 12,000 baht

Individual seats – 1,800 baht Payment through Global Giving:

Bank Transfer:
Kasikorn Bank
Phrao District Branch, Chiang Mai
Account Name: Evelind Anne Schecter & Anchamai Junta
Account Number: 024-2-85320-2

phone 082-487-2860