Holiday Season in Chiang Mai Means Parties, Parties, Parties!

You’re less likely to get stuck in a rainstorm on your motorbike or pass out from heat exhaustion at a five minute red light.

By | Tue 1 Dec 2015

So the holidays are upon us and, for me at least, I never quite get in the same spirit of the season as I did when I lived in the States. Maybe it’s the weather or lack of Christmas overtones breathing down my neck everywhere I go. Either way, Chiang Mai does liven up around this time of year with parties and events every weekend. While the streets may not be lined with Christmas trees and snowmen (something I am actually thankful for) there is still plenty going on in the city this season that will bring joy into your hearts.

In contrast to the hot and sticky months of the year, Chiang Mai will have incredible weather for about the next three months. This plays a huge part in the amount of events that start being thrown in the city. You’re less likely to get stuck in a rainstorm on your motorbike or pass out from heat exhaustion at a five minute red light. And I’m not sure if I’m just making it up, but I’ve been sensing that the tight grip on Chiang Mai’s nightlife from the police may be starting to loosen up. New Year’s will be a good litmus test for the future of the curfew that still hurts Thai businesses and nightlife establishments. “3-2-1, Happy New Year now go home it’s midnight,” just seems unlikely. In December, Citylife, Sangdee Gallery, Bacardi, and Joob Joob will be teaming up for another Fusion Night Live party that should be the place to be.

Being held the second Saturday of each month, the previous Fusion parties have been a huge success. These parties have a little bit of everything: hip hop and funk on the first floor and house DJs on the second floor gives every party goer something to check out. The booze will be flowing and the past parties have had a good vibe to them. People are mingling. People are talking to and meeting people they don’t know. All too often in Thai bars and clubs (which I like, don’t get me wrong) you are relegated to sitting and talking to the group that you come with and they don’t exactly promote a jovial holiday atmosphere, in a manner of speaking. With so many parties happening, it may be hard to catch them all. I’ve heard some whispers of some great parties coming up with international DJs and pool parties, so keep an eye out for any announcements so you don’t miss them. This is the time we can go out and see music events that aren’t typical for the city.

Since we don’t get the snow, the crazy black Friday shopping, and the unavoidable awkward moment when a distant relative says something racist at the Christmas dinner table, we in Chiang Mai who come from cultures that celebrate Christmas have to learn to celebrate in our own way. What better way to get together with friends and share a few libations and a few laughs while listening to good music? See you there and Happy Holidays!