Meet the “Professor of Soda”, a Local brewery experience

You may have heard about craft beers, how about craft soda? Come on over to the Jing Jai Market in northeastern Chiang Mai for an incredible workshop experience with Snook, “Professor of Soda”.

By | Tue 21 Jun 2022


Wiyada Mangsuwan’s or “Snook’s” local business, ‘Spoon – Professor of Soda’ is a fun and educational experience for those curious about the creation of carbonated drinks. In her workshops, Snook will lead you through the creation of her own kombucha, ginger ale, and ‘Red Spoon’ recipes all while explaining the fine details of what makes a tasty beverage. Not only do you get to brew and taste Snook’s personal favourite and most popular brew: ‘Red Spoon’, but you also get to bottle, seal and stamp your creation with to take home with you.

Spoon’s logo on the glass door to the establishment.
Snook makes adjustments to the pressure of the CO2 machine.
Ae pours the boiled mix into a machine which carbonates the liquid.

One of the ingredients in Snook’s ‘Red Spoon’ soda is dried roselle.

Snook began her business two years ago after being inspired by her husband, who for a long time was passionate about craft beer until a liver issue prevented his alcohol consumption. Originally, Snook had studied tourism at Mae Fah Luang University and worked as a tour guide in Chaing Mai for about four years before getting married and having a baby.

Ja boils and mixes the dry ingredients of ‘Red Spoon’.
Ja and Kim bottle the final product: ‘Red Spoon’ Soda!
Ja proudly displays her ‘Red Spoon’ soda.

“But then I got married and COVID-19,” Snook said, “I had a problem in my mind, I didn’t feel happy.”

Snook found that her craft soda business provides her with a new sense of happiness, she finds joy in the interpersonal aspects of the workshops as it reminds her of her days as a tour guide. ‘Spoon – Professor of Soda’ does occasionally sell products to local breweries and coffee shops, but most of their business comes from workshops at the Jing Jai Market in northeastern Chiang Mai. Snook hosts workshops about once a month for groups of four people for 3,200 baht per person. Private classes with a five-person maximum go for 10,000 baht.

Catch her next workshop on Tuesday, July 26th, 2022, and schedule online via Facebook or Instagram!

Wiyada Mangsuwan “Snook” whipping up delicious kombucha.
Ja from Citylife’s ‘Spoon and Fork’ chops up fresh ginger root for Snook’s ginger ale recipe.
The first few steps in Snook’s ginger ale recipe is filling a mason jar with sugar, fresh ginger, and water, then sealing it up for a few days to marinate.