Meet Dungeons and Dragons Master, Jim!

By | Mon 4 Apr 2022

All I know of Dungeons and Dragons is what I saw on The Big Bang Theory. It all seemed to be a bit silly and something to snigger at. Beyond that, I had never heard of the game.

So, as the last two years have bored me rotten, I had begun to gather some random friends for a games night every Tuesday. For the past year or so a rag-tag bunch of friends and new recruits have been meeting up to play, chat, drink and hang. Catan is our mainstay, but since I never win, I am kinda sulking so we have begun to play other games from the aptly named Pandemic to Cranium. It is all good fun with good friends.

So, when one day a Dutch woman we play with giddily announced that she had found a dungeon master, we were thrilled, thinking we were going to get some gory details of her sex life.

We weren’t.

The next Tuesday we met Jim Jenkins. Jim in a Dragon Master…I believe that’s what they are called. He started playing Dungeons and Dragons right at its inception all those decades ago and has been a fanatic Dungeoner (is that what they are called?) ever since. In fact, he has a full time career online hosting Dungeons and Dragons.

Apparently after googling around looking for new games, our Dutch friend found out that Chiang Mai had our very own Dungeon Master, hence Jim’s arrival one day a few months ago at our weekly Catan meetup.

Over the next few weeks Jim built a world for us with dragons, trolls, elves and imps. It was fascinating. We colluded, we ambushed, we bartered, we pillaged, we assassinated, we hid and we fought. It was all rather marvellous.

In the comfort of our own space, we listened and watched as Jim built us a comprehensive world in which our characters would live for two hours a week on Tuesday nights.

Becoming an elf

I am not going to go into the details of this oddly great game, but if you are at all keen, fancy doing something new and different, are looking to experience an immersive social activity, then give Jim a shout and see what world he whips up for you and your friends.