Film Nights at Alliance Francaise with Marco Wilms

By | Thu 16 Feb 2023

This Friday (February 17th) and Saturday (February 18th), at Alliance Francaise de Chiang Mai, come and enjoy this visual feast of two film nights of the screenings of three extraordinary films, “Metal Politics Taiwan”, “Tailor Made Dreams”, and “Naam Djai – The River of the Heart”, all by Marco Wilms, an individual filmmaker and director originally from Berlin, Germany who has been an artist in more than one field of art including modeling, photography, and of course, directing and filmmaking.

Before the demolition of the Berlin Wall, Marco studied scenery design in East Germany, where artists like Marco himself could create their own artistic universe with freedom and endless creativity. Soon enough though, Marco realized what he actually wanted to do was directing, thus he then switched to that direction instead. Long story short, Marco came to Thailand in the 90s and made his first long documentary here — “Naam Djai – The River of the Heart”, which will be screened this Saturday at 6:30pm. Now twenty something years later, Marco has settled down with his beautiful family in Chiang Mai and is currently teaching at CMU, all while still continuing his marvelous and beloved filmmaking career. All that being said, this week’s screenings are not just any film screenings but of a true artist who crafts pieces of people’s lives into charming stories to share with the world.

All three movies are totally different from one another and are all worth watching, guaranteed. “Metal Politics Taiwan” tells the exceptional story of Freddy Lim, the most famous heavy metal rockstar who then becomes a politician in the parliament in Taiwan. “Tailor Made Dreams”, on the other hand, is a scenic Bollywood documentary about an Indian tailor traveling to Europe to fulfill his dream of becoming the first European Bollywood star. And lastly, “Naam Djai – The River of the Heart” is the very first long documentary of the director and his first film in Thailand in 1999, which then became a milestone of his filmmaking career; the documentary tracks the story of a young German man searching for the “common” type of happiness of getting lost in the dazzling and dizzyin bars in Thailand, while listening to the stories of some men who come to Thailand to search for their type of happiness in Buddhism by becoming monks…

“Metal Politics Taiwan” will be screened on February 17th (Friday) at 8pm, the entry fee will be 150THB/person. Subtitles will be available in both English and Thai. (Trailor:

“Tailor Made Dreams” will be on February 18th (Saturday) at 4pm, subtitles will be available in both English and Thai; (Trailor:, and “Naam Djai – The River of the Heart” will be on the same day at 6:30pm, subtitles available in English (For more details: The entry fee for each film will be 150THB/person, as well.

Besides the remarkable film screenings, there is already a photo exhibition of the films as well at Alliance Francaise de Chiang Mai. Free entry, every Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12pm, then from 2pm to 6:30pm, and every Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

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