Citylife Garden Fair 2018 – Chiang Mai’s Big Day Out

All the fun of the fair! Citylife's Garden Fair in words and pictures. It really is Chiang Mai's Big Day Out!

By | Wed 28 Nov 2018

One day, dozens of volunteers, hundreds of items donated, thousands of goods sold, tens of thousands of people gathered, hundreds of thousands of baht raised for charity and millions of baht spent.

By all accounts, the Citylife Garden Fair 2018 was a great success and we look forward to many more years of this event to come. Thank you very much to all of you who helped, who worked, who donated, who bid, who came, and who were a part of it all.

Something on this scale, for free, raising money for charity, doesn’t come easy and Citylife wishes to thank the following for your great contributions:

Boonthavorn, your generosity and partnership is invaluable. Your team is amazing and we can’t wait to work with you again.

Volunteers, your ideas, support, rallying cry, sweat, labour and organisation skills were essential to the fundraising. You did it all through the goodness of your hearts and we are so grateful.

Donors, without your incredible generosity, we wouldn’t have the items to fundraise off and help our beneficiaries. Year on year you surprise and humble us with your largess. Thank you.

Greeners and cleaners, we tried to ask stalls for cooperation in not using plastic, and next year hope to enforce in full. But it was the hard work and great advice from Less Plastic World, Chiang Mai Clean City, Trash tleros and Eiam Dee Recycle, which helped us to recycle and be as clean and green as we could this year.

Musicians and entertainers, you came to our event, at no cost to us, giving freely of your time and talent and made so many of us smile, tap our feet and dance. You rock.

Vendors, it’s your funky, creative, quality, tasty, attractive and professional goods and services — whether you were selling a dish or a doorknob — that pulled in the crowds…and kept them there. Thank you for your patience and understanding of any errors we made. We will continue to improve.

YOU! All of you, the colourful and wonderful residents of Chiang Mai, and readers of our publications, who made the day plain fun, friendly and fabulous. NEXT! Citylife Garden Fair 2019 will be held on November 23rd at Boonthavorn.

Kob khun jao.