Chiang Mai Loy Kratong and Yee Peng Events Schedule

The following information lists the government's event schedule, and other events and promotions around the city in celebration of Yee Peng and Loy Kratong.

By | Wed 1 Nov 2017

Loy Kratong Loy Kratong celebrations in Chiang Mai, also known as Yee Peng due to the additional traditions seen in the north of Thailand, follow a similar structure each year. There are official governmental ceremonies and celebrations, along with private businesses and organisations often pitching in with their own events and programmes giving anyone in Chiang Mai during this spectacular time the opportunity to see and experience it all.

This year the authorities are asking people to only release lanterns on the actual Yee Peng Festival days, November 3rd and 4th, between 7pm and 1am the following morning. Any other time is technically illegal, however the main reason for the time limit is so that airlines can safely re-schedule their flights outside of that time to avoid catching a lantern in their engines which could cause in a fatal crash.

The following information lists the government’s event and ceremony schedule, along with many other events and promotions around the city in celebration of Yee Peng and Loy Kratong.

Official Events hosted by Chiang Mai Municipality and the Tourism Development Committee

November 2

Opening ceremony with candle lighting, traditional Lanna dance performances and the lighting of the candles around the moat.

6pm – 11pm

@ Three Kings Monument (and around the moat)

Opening Ceremony for the Yee Peng Festival 2017.


@ Lanna Folklife Museum

November 2 – November 3

Cultural performances at the four main corners of the city.

7pm – 9pm

Suan Dok Gate, Chang Puek Gate, Chiang Mai Gate and Tha Pae Gate

Mr and Mrs Yee Peng contest.

7.30pm – 11pm

@ Lanna Folklife Museum

Worshiping ritual for Phra Sirimankala

10am – 11pm

@ Chiang Mai Buddhist’s Society

November 3

Worshiping rituals for house spirits, the White Pagoda and the Ping River.

8.09am – 10.30am

@ Chiang Mai Municipality Offices – Srikhong Pier

Grand Sermon of Thet Mahachat (13 ceremonies held across 8 temples in the city).

6am – 8pm

@ Suan Dok Temple, Jet Yod Temple, Chiang Yuen Temple, Chai Sriphum Temple, Buupharam Temple, Chaimongkol Temple, Nattaram Temple and Ram Poeng Temple.

Floating the candlelit Kratong down the Ping River.

7pm – 10pm

@ Along the Ping River in front of the Chiang Mai Municipality Offices

November 4

Grand Krathong parade contest that parades across the city.

7pm – 11pm

Starting at Tha Pae Gate and finishing at Chiang Mai Municipality.

Two firework displays in honour of His Majesty the King will be occur on November 4 at 7.30pm and 9.30pm. The location is still to be confirmed by authorities but following previous years the display will most likely take place along the Ping River near the Chiang Mai Municipality Offices.

Other Daily Events

The great Tang Tham Luang sermon, candle tray decoration and other ceremonies.

November 1 – November 5

4pm – 8pm

@ Jet Lin Temple

The great Tang Tham Luang sermon, candle tray decoration and other ceremonies.

November 2 – November 4

9am – 10pm

@ Lok Mo Lee Temple

Anti-alcohol stage with musical performances throughout the festival.

6pm – Midnight

@ The First Church of Chiang Mai, Nawarat Bridge




Prapokkloa Road (in front of the Three Kings Monument) will be closed on November 2nd and November 3rd from 5.30 to 11pm.

Other Events and Promotions

November 3

Loy Krathong by Anantara

Pay respects by casting off a Krathong while savouring a range of global food from Thai specialities to Peruvian delights. A Lanna dance performance will also be shown.

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort

7pm onwards

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Loy Krathong Lobster Night

Experience the magical Loy Krathong Festival with an indulge northern-style market, krathong contest and seafood buffet serving unlimited lobster.

Kad Kafé

5pm – 10pm

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Loy Krathong Festival 2017 by x2

Join the Loy Krathong festival at x2 with live hammered dulcimer and Thai traditional dance, performances and a Thai set dinner.

Oxygen Dining Room, x2

6pm – 11pm

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Loy Krathong by Na Nirand

Cherish every precious moment of your memorable night by floating krathong at a private river bank with international buffet and live Thai and Lanna performances on the riverside.

Time Riverfront Cuisine and Bar, Na Nirand

6.30pm – 11pm

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Loy Krathong by the Ping River

Celebrate the full moon festival by the Ping river over a BBQ buffet dinner with live music performance. Experience floating your own Krathong, and releasing your own lantern to the sky.

The Chiang Mai Riverside Hotel

6pm – 9pm

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Loy Krathong at RatiLanna

magical evening with your family over an exquisite dinner by the Ping River. The charming feast features BBQ & international Buffet dinner, Lanna-style Market – “Kad Mua”, live music, classical Thai dance shows, complimentary krathongs and more.

RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort

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Mae Joe Lantern Event by Duangtawan Santiparp Foundation

This private lantern event is popular among tourists, and the images from this event are often used in publications across the world celebrating the festival due to the beautiful sights when thousands of guests all release their lanterns at the same time. This event is privately organised by a Buddhist sect called the Duangtawan Santiparp Foundation and is not part of the official celebrations.

Tickets this year range from 5,350 baht to 13,380 baht.

November 3 – November 4

Loy Krathong with Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai has launched a very special experience for guests who would like to enjoy the most magical Loy Krathong celebration in Thailand.

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November 4

Loy Krathong by Holiday Inn

Joint the feast of Lanna-style market “Kad-Mua” specialities with Thai Lanna and International buffet with BBQ grill station, fresh seafood, roasted leg of lamb, pork loin and more premium selections.

Holiday Inn Chiang Mai


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