Amazing Bloom Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai Blooms Festival 2022 (Now until 8th April)

Chiang Mai will be blushingly budding, joyfully blooming and exuberantly blossoming in the coming months

By | Wed 16 Feb 2022

Every winter Chiang Mai erupts into a colourful riot as our city’s streets, gardens, flowerbeds and parks fill up with a kaleidoscopic abundance of flowers. Step outside of the city and our mountains come alive, our fields are blanketed and our visions painted with colourful delight.

Chiang Mai’s long standing February floral tradition has been ongoing for close to half a century. In fact, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the annual Chiang Mai Flower Festival. However, in recent years, as flower exports soar, chefs decorate dishes with edible flowers, florists help lovers woo and our city’s gardeners busy themselves tending to their pretty floral babies, Chiang Mai has seen an explosion in appreciation of flowers. So much so that this will be the fifth Chiang Mai Bloom Festival, and, in spite of the pandemic, one of the most spectacular to date.

Across the city and in the surrounding countryside, there will be special exhibitions, events and pop-up flower gardens to keep you bloomin’ busy for the next couple of months.

This event is organised by the Visit Lanna for MICE and Tourism Industry in Northern Thailand as well as the MICE Department, Public Health Office, and a group of young business people and entrepreneurs across Chiang Mai. Locals, expatriates and tourists Chiang Mai, across Thailand…and beyond, are invited to join in a smorgasbord of activities in the coming weeks.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (Chiang Mai) wishes you all a wonderful Amazing Bloom Chiang Mai experience.

Here are some of the highlights you can already visit, or that you should definitely put into your calendar for a future visit:

Blooms Beats 2022 X I Love Flower Farm

Music in fields of flowers! Chiang Mai’s first flower farm destination, I Love Flowers Farm, is opening its floral doors to some of the best musical talent in Thailand for a special weekend of blossoms and beats. Sprawled across well over a dozen rai of land, the event is separated into zones: English Garden (2 rai), Daisy Farm (4 rai), Gaillardia (4 rai), Concert Lawn (2 rai), Balloon Show (4 rai) and Dining and Shopping Zone (1.5 rai).

• Moment’s Notice Jazz Club
• Nazz & SuperRich
• Cats Away
• Spy the Golden Song
• Lula
• Pause
• Sqweez Animal [SQ] Official
• WANYAi x Mon Monik…and more

Dine from pre-twilight deep into the starry night with food presented by chefs in the local Muang Kaew community alongside those from Chiang Mai’s five star hotels and award-winning restaurants.

Zone A: 2,500 baht for four people, including one drink each
Zone B: 650 baht each, including one drink
Zone C: 550 baht each, including one drink
Purchase here:

Each ticket is 500 baht PLUS you receive another 500 baht ticket! So basically it is 250 baht per ticket. Expatriates will also receive a 300 baht voucher to be spent at the fair. Bargain!

Saturday 26th-Sunday 27th February 2022

I Love Flowers Farm, Mae Rim

Tickets are only for one day’s use. Limited numbers, first comes first tickets go!
Please take all Covid 19 health and safety precautions including proof of double vaccination, Antigen Test Kit within 72 hours prior to the event and all other measures set by the Public Health Office.

*Expatriates and foreign visitors will be pleased as punch to know that there will be a special ‘Floral Card’ which will entitle you to a 300 baht FREE cash voucher which can be used to purchase drinks, food and souvenirs. Simply look for our booth at the front of the event to claim your free ‘Floral Card’ voucher.

Chiang Mai Blooms Photo Contest

An exhibition and photography competition held at the Chiang Mai House Photography. Featuring works from photographers exhibited under the name, ‘Ignorant Boand’ and ‘Flower Pollination Communication’ as well as being a place for all who are interested in photography to stop by.

Chiang Mai House of Photography

Chiang Mai Blooms Chef’s Table

Two of the city’s top chefs will present a memorable dining experience surrounded by an abundance of flowers. With floral decorations provided by the city’s top creative florists, this is to be an experience which will not be soon forgotten.

When & Where:
Friday 18th February at Woo Café by florist, Khun
Saturday 19th February at Nasi Jampru by florist, Dice Flower Décor

2,500 baht per person (limited to 40 seats)

Chiang Mai Blooms in the Afternoon

A special late afternoon tea surrounded by beautiful flowers served with special teas and delicious desserts.

When & Where:
Sunday 20th February 3.30pm-6pm
The Ironwood

2,500 baht per person (limited to 40 seats)

Blooms in the Jungle

Get out of town and into the jungle where flowers bloom with a visit to Lanna Rose Farm. There will be a pickup service so you don’t have to worry about transport. The highlight of this visit is the special purple rose that will have you taking selfies ‘til your phone’s memory runs out!

Now-Monday 21st February between 8am-6pm

120 baht including transportation

Blooms Run

Take a Mini Marathon and Fun Run around the charming On Tai community, passing by old wooden houses in quiet sleepy villages, lime green paddy fields swaying in the winds and some lovely floral displays.

Sunday 27th February between 5am-10am

350 baht per person for Fun Run and 450 baht per person for Mini Marathon.

Blooms Bazaar

Stop by JingJai Market for a day of fun for all with shopping, eating, drinking, workshops, activities and all sorts of organic, artistic and creative offerings.

5th&6th March between 6am-1pm and 12th&13th March between 9am-4.30pm

JingJai Market

Flowers on the Table

Chefs from the Thai Hotel Association Northern Chapter will be wowing with a five course dinner of fabulous food with a floral theme.

Saturday 12th March from 6pm

2,500 baht per person (limited to 150 seats)

Royal Flora

Blooms Journey

A multitude of businesses across Chiang Mai are participating in a variety of capacities in this months-long festival. If you are interested to find out resort or hotel discounts, meal vouchers, tour packages or any other bloom-related tourism, simply contact below:
More information Fb Chiang Mai Blooms IG cmblooms Line official account @chiangmaiblooms

Ticket sell at LINE OA only