7 reasons to celebrate Yee Peng

It is one of Thailand's biggest celebrations and the most iconic lantern festival. Join Justin Walter as he gives us 7 reasons to celebrate Yee Peng in Chiang Mai.

By | Wed 21 Nov 2018

On November 22 prepare for your social media feeds to blow up with amazing photos of lanterns lighting up the night sky. It’s that time of year – the full moon in the twelfth month of the traditional Thai lunar calendar – when Chiang Mai celebrates Yee Peng. Here are 7 reasons to celebrate Yee Peng.

1. Yee Peng is #1

Lantern festivals happen sporadically around the world, but nothing compares to Yee Peng. It’s THE iconic lantern ceremony that all others try to replicate. If you want to experience a mass lantern release, this is the ultimate one!

Letting go at Thailand's Yi Peng Lantern Festival

Experience the magic of Thailand's Yi Peng Lantern Festival. If you want to take this trip, check out my guide bit.ly/yipeng-guide

Posted by Justin Walter on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

2. Photos and videos don’t do it justice

No matter how epic, gorgeous and stunning photos and videos are, they don’t do justice capturing Yee Peng’s beauty. On top of being visually stimulating, there’s an indescribable feeling that comes with celebrating Yee Peng in person.

3. Yee Peng isn’t just about lanterns

Although the focus on Yee Peng is all about the lanterns, many people don’t know it’s spiritual meaning. Hours before the actual lantern release, thousands of people gather in prayer, reflection and meditation. During this time, attendees are given the opportunity to tap into their own sense of spirituality.

4. Tham Bun

The Buddhist principle, “Tham Bun”, or making merit to receive good karma, is what Yee Peng is all about. Releasing the lanterns acts as a symbolic offering of letting go of negative energies in hopes of good fortune. Celebrating Yee Peng, is celebrating a new beginning by saying goodbye to the bad and hello to the good.

Lantern release. Photo credit: Justin Walter (c)

5. It happens right here in Chiang Mai

Yee Peng attendees come from all over the world. For many, it’s an expensive trip but well worth the costs. For Chiang Mai residents, it’s celebrated right in our very own backyard! If you’re a local resident, take advantage of the beauty that exists so close – enjoy Yee Peng!

6. You’ll meet world travelers

Yee Peng attracts crowds. But instead of being annoyed by the numbers, embrace it as an opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. Strike up a conversation with a stranger and allow this global festival to bring new friends, even if just for a moment, into your life.

7. Yee Peng only happens once a year.

Case closed. Don’t miss out or you might be regretting it all year long.

Inspired? Let’s hope! If you want to celebrate Yee Peng check out a more in-depth look at the actual festival with this complete guide by travel blogger, Justin Walter. Check out the official Yee Peng/Loy Krathong Festival calendar here.

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