Small Farm: the wild west of Chiang Mai

Small Farm is an ideal getaway from the busy hustle of Chiang Mai city, the kids love it and the food is fab.

By | Fri 29 Jul 2011

Small Farm is an ideal getaway from the busy hustle of Chiang Mai city. Located 58km from the city centre, you’ll find the rural setting peaceful and quiet.

With a small entrance fee of 50 baht per adult and 20 baht per child you can spend as much time as you like exploring all areas of the farm, as well as enjoy a free ride on the horse and carriage. Small Farm is a great place for families to have fun and spend time with each other.

A walk through the cowboy-themed entrance will take you past a family of energetic rabbits and colourful birds, and into the restaurant where many come during the weekends for the good, reasonably-priced European and Thai food. The attractive restaurant resembles a classic wooden barn, complete with haystacks on the roof and antique glass lamps. Just lounge around and relax in the shade while looking down at the view of the entire ranch with distant mountains as the background.

If you fancy a refreshing iced tea or coffee, then the cosy coffee shop, bedecked with quirky décor items and tall wooden stools, will be happy to take your order. After the coffee, take a dive into one of the souvenir shops and go nuts with the cowboy clothes, sheep teddies, and other take-me-home gifts.

At Small Farm you can actually get up close and personal with the animals, and if that’s your thing then the sheep are a great start. The large fluffy white sheep let you stroke them, cuddle them, stare at them, hug them and to their liking, feed them. They are adorable, as are the soft furry lambs leisurely munching away at the grass.

Follow the wooden signs arranged around the farm and they will take you to all of the animals, most of which are imported straight from Australia. The Alpacas (imagine a smaller, less shaggy version of a llama) are said by Small Farm to be the only Australian alpacas in Thailand. Their sheep-like bodies and extra long limbs and necks make them very photogenic, so be sure to take a camera with you.

Riding for all ages is also available at no extra cost. If you’re a professional or setting foot on stirrups for the first time, Small Farm is good for a taste of the real western cowboy feel. Helmets are provided. The black bull is also taking up rides for those who have done the horse, elephant, and overly large dog and still crave a challenge.

Small Farm also offers lodging in a different range of charming wooden cottages. The air-conditioned cottages come with all the provisions you need from a giant bathtub to a fridge, cable TV, and free Wi-fi. Guests can pamper themselves with massages or go riding through the fields. Pets are in fact allowed on request, so when you plan on bringing the whole family that means that the family dog can come too. The large cottage is 2,000 baht a night, while the one bedroom cottage is 1,500 baht. Reservations are recommended. For more information, photos and map you can visit their website at

To get to Small Farm, head out towards Chom Tong district on Highway 108 from Chiang Mai (same route as Doi Inthanon) and there should be signs that direct you towards Tambon Ban Luang where Small Farm is located. If you get lost on the way give them a call at 053 033 068.