For little minds – three Chiang Mai kid’s activities

Three great activity centres for kinds in Chiang Mai.

By | Sun 1 May 2016

As a parent, it is always good to keep those little ones engaged and learning throughout their childhood, but finding the right place can be hard. Why not look into these three centres for child development and education and treat your little ones to some new forms of exciting enrichment!

Egg Tots House (Nong Hoi)

This adorable little house has just doubled in size with another Egg Tots House opening up in Nong Hoi, complete with colourful corners, floors, walls and doors. A perfect place for curious little toddlers to explore and develop themselves with their peers. Kids from just under two up to 5 years of age can come Mondays to Fridays for day care which includes cooking classes, arts and crafts, play time and even the odd field trips! Everything is bilingual here with kids flipping back and forth between English and Thai. There are even courses for kids interested in science, art, maths or music. A great environment for your kids to play, make friends and learn in.

Open 9am – 3pm
Mooban Siriwattana Niwet (234/220 Soi 2 Moo 6, Nong Hoi)
087 8170032 / 082 4215009
Facebook: eggtotshouse

Babies Genius

Studies show that the first three years of life are key to proper development in children, and effects life up until adulthood. Intelligence grows extremely fast during those years and the owners of Babies Genius are here to help encourage that growth and development every step of the way. Babies Genius is a young child development centre that focuses on developing a multitude of intelligences such as linguistics, logic, maths, musical, kinaesthetic learning, interpersonal and emotional development and cognitive intelligence. Stimulating each and every child’s self-awareness in each and every playgroup programme, taken straight from experts in the UK. Courses are available for kids aged 6 months to 6 years old, and all promise to be fun, exciting and full of playing, arts, craft and socialising. From now to May 31 – 13% discounts on all courses or extension of courses to 13 classes. You can even pay on card for anything over 4,500 baht at 0% interest for three months.

Open 9am – 6pm (Closed Mondays)
Central Festival Chiang Mai, Floor 3 (Education Zone)
053 288980 / 094 6046444
Facebook: BabiesGeniusChiangmai

Swimming Kids

Kids are natural in the water, but without having proper swimming lessons, accidents can still happen. So to make sure your kids enjoy the cool waters in the summer heat, head on down to Swimming Kids, a child development centre that utilises a saltwater pool that is heated and indoors, with international water quality standards and an outstanding curriculum designed to not only help children become strong swimmers, but also promote cognitive development too. The curriculum has been designed with experts from Australia, which focuses on achieving competency in all aspects of swimming for babies, toddlers and children from ages 4 months up to 6 years. All the teachers are fully qualified, friendly, skilled and professional. Kids who learn to swim at a young age often reach many developmental milestones earlier than normal, so book those young ones into a course at Swimming Kids and see them grow right before your eyes.

Swimming Kids Chiang Mai, Behind Makro Mae Hia
061 2685115
Line: cmswimmingkids
Facebook: Swimming Kids Thailand