A Warm Hearted art contest

Under-privileged hill tribe children get inspired by Warm Heart’s art competition

By | Fri 16 Oct 2020

Warm Heart, one of our local nonprofits, is currently running an art contest with the kids living at their Children’s Homes.

The theme for this contest is Peace Now, and the kids had a great time creating some beautiful peace signs.

Warm Heart started the art contests several years ago as a way to involve the kids in art in a fun and positive way.

The children who live at Warm Heart come from hill tribe families living in the mountains surrounding Phrao. They come to live at Warm Heart for the opportunity of an education, and they become part of Warm Hearts big family.

The children come from hard backgrounds, and many do not speak Thai, only their native hill tribe language when they arrive.

Warm Heart provides after school classes and tutoring to help these children catch up and encourage them to excel.

“These kids work really hard, so the art contests evolved as a way to provide a fun and relaxing activity,” explained Warm

Heart’s Contest Coordinator. “We award small prizes in baht, which creates a lot of excitement around the contest”.

Warm Heart Children’s Homes opened their doors in 2008 and started off with a handful of children. Today they have room for 45 children and are often at full capacity.

Besides the children living at Warm Heart, they sponsor another 30 kids living at a government boarding school, and support six in vocational school and nine more in universities and colleges.

Warm Heart has produced seven graduates; three from universities and four from vocational schools. These kids, who started with nothing, work hard and succeed.

Every contest is different, one year they had a Photography contest, another time the kids all learned how to do Nagomi art.

Sometimes the kids will have a week to prepare their entries, like the “Self-Portrait” art contest, other times the artwork is produced in one afternoon in a group, like the photography contest and the Peace Now contest.

The prize money is covered by generous hearted sponsors.

Winners are determined through public voting.

Warm Heart would like to encourage the community to visit the contest page and cast your vote. In the past the kids have been simply amazed at the support for their art contest by the public.

“Every bit of encouragement helps build self-esteem and confidence.” said Evelind Schecter, Co-Founder of Warm Heart. “And that is what it is all about”

The Awards Night is always so much fun, the kids are so excited! This year Warm Heart is going to try to arrange a live feed of the awards. If you would like an invitation to the live event you can provide your email address on the Peace Now contest activity page.

The contest will be open for voting through October 31. Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on Sunday, November 1.

Warm Heart extends a deep thank you to the community for the support you have given to them over the years.

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