RLAX with a luxurious home spa

Oasis Spa joins BuzzWoo to create excellent mobile massage service delivered to your home

By | Thu 25 Feb 2021

One (rare) upside of the past year has been the discovery that we can get just about whatever we want delivered to our homes; food, drinks, shopping, groceries, even massages.

Similar to thousands of other spas across the country which cater to tourists, Chiang Mai’s award-winning Oasis Spa has, like the rest of us, had to adapt to these changed times. Always ahead of the pack, Oasis Spa has therefore teamed up with also-award-winning software developers BuzzWoo to create RLAX, a very simple-to-use mobile massage service which will have a professional masseuse arrive at your doorstep with mere six clicks of the mouse – we counted.

You can choose to have a 60, 90 or 120 minute massage, before being offered a choice of aromatherapy oil massage, Thai massage for health, head, back, shoulder and foot massage, facial acupuncture and head massage, massage to relieve office syndrome and the traditional Thai jup sen massage (meridian lines). Once you have made your choice it is simply a matter of adding a GPS, choosing your time, click on a payment option, et voila! Even a luddite can use the RLAX; it is that easy.

“Our mission with RLAX is to create an innovative mobile massage service that is extremely easy to book, comfortable to use, completely safe due to its extensive hygiene precautions, and yet affordable,” said Tanja Trautwein, social media marketer for RLAX. “We bring the best of mobile wellness straight to our customer’s door, every day of the year, in as little as an hour.”

The masseuse arrives early and sets up a mini-spa experience complete with mood music, scented candles, massage mat, pillow, eye mask and towel. All you have to do is find a spot for her to set up and you can really relax and indulge in the best Oasis Spa has to offer…just without all the fancy setting.

Prices are cheaper than spas, but more expensive than normal massages. You pay for the convenience, the quality and the overall experience.

There is even a lovely little email which arrives to thank customers for their business and to ask for feedback. The entire thing is slick, sleek and very professional, which is nothing less than expected from both Oasis Spa and BuzzWoo.

For those of us who like ease, comfort and quality service, RLAX is definitely worth checking out. Give them a go: www.rlax.me