Why Chiang Mai is the best place to build your dream life

Live your best Chiang Mai life from your best Chiang Mai home by consulting with these experts on the perfect home for you.

By | Mon 24 Jan 2022

Many people dream of living in Chiang Mai.

This ancient, seven-centuries old city, spread across a fertile valley and surrounded by a ring of forested mountains, is well-known for its beauty, culture, tranquil environment, as well as an affordable cost of living. Chiang Mai has long been a multicultural city, and today its residents are a vibrant mix of locals, Thais from across the nation, and expatriates from all over the world.

Living in Chiang Mai means different things for different people; some enjoy the fast-paced city lifestyle, while others prefer living in its small local communities. Regardless of one’s preference, there’s a vast range of lifestyle options at varying price points, and anyone who intends to live in Chiang Mai will be spoilt for choice.

Culture: While Chiang Mai’s Loy Krathong and Songkran festivals are world-famous, there is also an abundance of other festivals, traditions, and cultural experiences to be had throughout the year. The city has expanded and grown exponentially over the past half-century, yet there remain tight-knit communities, which are still holding on to their ways. Whether it is visiting a bustling market, joining the activities of a community, getting involved with traditions at a local

temple or participating in any of the many sub-cultures within the city, visitors in Chiang Mai will enjoy its numerous cultural experiences.

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Environment: A mere half hour’s drive in most directions out of the city will have one sitting by a gushing waterfall, hiking up a jungle trail, gazing at lime-green paddy fields, kayaking in a river, or swimming in a lake. The mountains surrounding the Chiang Mai valley are filled with fauna and flora as well as being home to many ethnic groups – one can spend a lifetime exploring and still discover something new. Being a city with multiple seats of higher learning as well as home to a great number of expatriates, Chiang Mai is an environmentally active city where plastic-free organic markets are the norm and regular tree-planting or environmental cleanup activities regularly occur.

Convenience: Chiang Mai International Airport, five minutes from the city centre, connects Chiang Mai to the outside world. While public transportation is in its infancy, private transportation is both affordable and accessible. International schools and universities are in abundance as well as a great variety of other learning institutions. World-class hospitals with international-standard doctors and

facilities offer affordable care while private nursing or medical care is also not hard to find. It is no longer necessary to fly to Bangkok to stock up on the best cheeses or luxury goods as much can now be found in Chiang Mai.

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How to choose your Chiang Mai home

Take time, look around, and find the perfect fit for you. Whether you’re looking for a short-term rental or putting your roots down in your forever home, you will find your Chiang Mai property hunt filled with options.

City: The old city of Chiang Mai, roughly one square mile, is a well-preserved cultural area filled with temples, markets, and small centuries-old communities. Old wooden teak houses, cosy shop houses, street-side or small apartments can be found in this area where everything is within walking distance.

Greater City: Whether it is a towering condominium with sweeping views of Doi Suthep mountain, a close-knit and family-friendly suburban housing estate offering all modern conveniences, a standalone multi-room private mansion, a hip and trendy pad in bustling Nimmanhaemin area, or anything in between, Chiang Mai has it.

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Satellite towns: Branching out of the city are small satellite towns, which are destinations in themselves. Mae Rim, Hang Dong, Doi Saket, Mae Jo, or Sansai are all towns with distinct characteristics, each within a half hour drive to the city centre, and each offering unique houses for sale or rent at multiple price points.

Nature: There are many further-flung houses for sale or rent in more hidden destinations, although these require a slightly longer commute to the city centre. Many of these properties are exquisitely designed to both blend in and optimise the surrounding nature.

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